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What Can Pandora Do For McDonald's?

By Rocco Pendola

Music as a marketing tool. Pandora can take that notion to a whole new level.

10:00AM 02/26/14

When Will Cable TV Go a la Carte?

By Rocco Pendola

Expect your package to change considerably after the Time Warner Cable/Comcast merger receives approval.

09:15AM 02/26/14

Pro Golfer Steve Elkington Deletes Homophobic Tweet, Confuses Orientals and Asians

By Rocco Pendola

Steve Elkington just can't hold back. He's outraged that Michael Sam is gay and ESPN covers it.

03:27PM 02/25/14

Cable TV Will Soon Resemble a Sushi Menu

By Rocco Pendola

Cable subscribers are about to get what they want -- a bento box with a la carte options.

09:08AM 02/25/14

Rules Don't Apply to Apple, Amazon, Netflix

By Rocco Pendola

Like, AAPL, AMZN and NFLX, the music industry needs to rewrite its own rules to unleash its potential.

08:51AM 02/24/14

To 'Retire Before Dad,' Change Your Definition of 'Long-Term Investment'

By Rocco Pendola

We ought to stop maligning 1,000% gainers. They're pretty solid "long-term investments."

09:00AM 02/21/14

Sell Pandora: Stock Could Crash on Bad Strategic Investments

By Rocco Pendola

Pandora needs to move aggressively to expand its business. It's not. So the stock's a sell.

03:19PM 02/20/14

A Bold Take on Net Neutrality From an Analyst Who's Personally Short 1,000 Shares of NFLX

By Rocco Pendola

Wall Street analyst Richard Tullo counters Reed Hastings with what's probably not going to be a popular take on net neutrality.

12:08PM 02/20/14

With 0.3% of Its Cash, Apple Could Have Some Serious Fun

By Rocco Pendola

A minimal investment to expand Apple's iTunes Festival would put the hurt on an unsuspecting Pandora.

09:21AM 02/20/14

Apple's 'Pandora Killer' Arrives Next Month

By Rocco Pendola

Apple's decision to bring the iTunes Festival to Austin's SXSW could portend trouble for Pandora.

09:36AM 02/19/14

Apple Hosed the Music Industry

By Rocco Pendola

Ever since Steve Jobs blew up the record album, Apple has been nothing but bad for the music industry.

09:15AM 02/19/14

Apple Would Be Nuts to Buy Tesla, However ...

By Rocco Pendola

Tim Cook can't get too cute at Apple. He just needs to make iPhones and iPads stickier than ever.

09:00AM 02/19/14

Here's Why Wal-Mart Screwed Up By Using Rush to Promote American Workers

By Rocco Pendola

Wal-Mart and Rush insulted collective and nationalistic intelligences by employing "Working Man" to promote U.S. workers.

08:45AM 02/19/14

Spotify IPO Is a Dog and Pony Show

By Rocco Pendola

The steps in Spotify's evolution are little more than a dog and pony show prior to an acquisition.

12:27PM 02/18/14

Haters Have Reason to Trash Pandora

By Rocco Pendola

Twitter Music takes the lead on big data. Pandora investors should want to heave.

10:46AM 02/18/14

Dear Wal-Mart: Rush Is Canadian

By Rocco Pendola

Wal-Mart's strategy of competing on price appears to have officially backfired.

09:02AM 02/18/14

Apple Trying To Determine Source of Mysterious Smell at Santa Monica Store

By Rocco Pendola

In what appears to be a response to a report by TheStreet, Apple has installed air sampling devices in its Santa Monica store.

04:37PM 02/06/14

Horribly Unfair Treatment of Apple Continues

By Rocco Pendola

Comparing Google and Apple's hardware efforts holds back an otherwise interesting conversation.

01:03PM 02/06/14

The Amazon Way at Pandora

By Rocco Pendola

Don't let the stock drop fool you, Pandora's long-term narrative remains intact.

09:20AM 02/06/14

Three Cheers For Sears Window Repair Crew

By Rocco Pendola

Sears continues to make repairs to its neglected location in Downtown Oakland.

04:17PM 02/05/14

Wall Street Must Demand Answers From Pandora ... Now

By Rocco Pendola

Analysts should demand answers from Pandora about how it plans on upping its game.

02:32PM 02/05/14

CVS Bums Smokes, NHL Should Boycott Sochi

By Rocco Pendola

The National Hockey League could make a more powerful statement in support of LGBT rights if it stayed out of Sochi.

01:31PM 02/05/14

Zynga Should Buy This Real Money Fantasy Sports App

By Rocco Pendola

Gay marriage, legal marijuana, online poker: Zynga can benefit from society's evolution.

09:30AM 02/03/14

Fire Tim Cook: Too Little, Too Late, Too Stupid

By Rocco Pendola

It no longer makes sense to oust the Apple CEO. He's finally coming into his own.

09:00AM 02/03/14

Sears Responds to Twitter Controversy (Update 1)

By Rocco Pendola

Two weeks after a TheStreet expose, Sears partially remedies blighted Oakland store.

07:40PM 01/31/14

Filter This Out If You Love Apple and Like Losing Money

By Rocco Pendola

Investors must pay attention past the obvious as they assess Apple's current state and questionable future.

03:59PM 01/30/14

Apple's Biggest Mistakes Under Tim Cook

By Rocco Pendola

Tim Cook listened to the crowd. That's one reason why, ironically, the crowd hates AAPL.

10:43AM 01/28/14

Apple Crash Portends Tech Stock Crash

By Rocco Pendola

Once an inferior name or two gets exposed, dominoes will fall and Apple will rise.

08:53AM 01/28/14

No Foam: Starbucks Dominates

By Rocco Pendola

Not even pure tech players come close to Starbucks' mobile/digital platforms.

08:00AM 01/28/14

Apple Proves That Our Society Stinks

By Rocco Pendola

Negativity pervades society and triggers irrationality. Apple perfectly illustrates this.

07:15PM 01/27/14

Medical Marijuana in California Is a Total Scam (But It's Dope!)

By Rocco Pendola

Weed 'laws' are a farce in California. It's time to stop the weed smoking charade.

01:09PM 01/27/14

One CEO Belongs in the Outhouse, Another in the Penthouse

By Rocco Pendola

Question Sears's CEO all you want, but there's little room for criticism of Starbucks' Howard Schultz.

10:00AM 01/27/14

This Awesome New Web Site Might Help Save Radio

By Rocco Pendola

Broadcast radio refuses to save itself, so an entrepreneur steps in.

10:30AM 01/25/14

Taylor Swift's 'Transformation' Could Begin Sunday at The Grammys

By Rocco Pendola

If the Grammys go down as hinted by Taylor Swift, she might just unknowingly set out to save rock and roll.

02:12PM 01/24/14

I Am Netflix's 'Bitch' and I Want It to Spank Me

By Rocco Pendola

Netflix picks a fight with HBO. But don't expect Richard Plepler to punch back.

12:26PM 01/23/14

Pandora, Spotify Are Not Competitors

By Rocco Pendola

Different models, strategies, goals and objectives keep Pandora and Spotify distinct.

09:18AM 01/23/14

Toxic Psychology Dooms Once Great American Retailers

By Rocco Pendola

An MBA mindset keeps companies such as Best Buy, Sears and JCP from moving forward.

06:00AM 01/22/14

Facebook Loses When It Tries To Be Twitter

By Rocco Pendola

Mark Zuckerberg errs strategically as Facebook attempts to become the personalized newspaper Twitter already is.

09:16AM 01/21/14

Starbucks Security Breach: The Media Misled You (Update 1)

By Rocco Pendola

The tech media is sensationalizing a security vulnerability that's very unlikely to come to pass.

06:12PM 01/18/14

Pictures From Sears, and They're Not All Pathetic

By Rocco Pendola

Sears is a literal mess in some respects, a figurative one in as close to all respects as you can come without hitting absolute.

10:00AM 01/18/14

Sad Pictures of a Sears Store That Will Make You Angry (Update 2)

By Rocco Pendola

The broken windows theory applies to Sears as the company allows blight to fester.

06:51PM 01/16/14

Beats Disrespects Pandora, Talks Too Big a Game

By Rocco Pendola

Doing personalized radio isn't easy; Beats Music is about to find that out.

10:00AM 01/16/14

Bruce Springsteen: Let the CD Die Already

By Rocco Pendola

If you want bonus Springsteen concert footage, you'll need to buy a CD and reconnect your DVD player!

01:37PM 01/15/14

Pandora Beats Off the Competition

By Rocco Pendola

The stock has nearly quadrupled, but now is not the time to rest on Pandora.

09:52AM 01/15/14

Pieces Are in Place For Microsoft's Death

By Rocco Pendola

Security didn't save Blackberry. Windows/Office won't save Microsoft from Apple's onslaught.

09:30AM 01/14/14

Why Apple Doesn't Need Nest

By Rocco Pendola

Take it as a good sign that Timothy D. Cook isn't using Apple's cash to make massive acquisitions.

06:46PM 01/13/14

This is the Future of the Music Industry Now

By Rocco Pendola

A small startup called Concert Windows illustrates the direction the music industry is headed.

10:30AM 01/13/14

Sears Treats Consumers Like They're Total Idiots

By Rocco Pendola

Unlike Dominos Pizza's successful turnaround campaign, Sears attempts to execute a delusional marketing plan.

09:30AM 01/13/14

Sears Doesn't Deserve Respect

By Rocco Pendola

Sears isn't even in good enough standing to defend itself.

09:00AM 01/13/14

Live Concert Streaming By Musicians For Musicians

By Rocco Pendola

TheStreet's Rocco Pendola with Dan Gurney, co-founder of music startup Concert Window.

12:32AM 01/13/14

8 Videos That Help Explain Pandora's Internet Radio Dominance

By Rocco Pendola

Pandora gave Rocco Pendola 'inner circle' access to Music Genome Project. Here are the fruits of his labor in one article.

10:00AM 01/11/14

Sears: A Pathetic Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

By Rocco Pendola

There's not much you can say about Sears' latest corporate update.

04:46PM 01/09/14

Why Bruce Springsteen Ends Up on Taylor Swift Radio

By Rocco Pendola

In the last installment of TheStreet's look inside Pandora, we see music personalization in action.

01:21PM 01/09/14

It Looks Like Jack Dorsey's Mother's Twitter Account Got Hacked

By Rocco Pendola

If the mother of a Twitter co-founder can get hacked, there's no doubt it can happen to you.

12:45PM 01/09/14

Exclusive: Inside Pandora's Music Genome Project, Part Two

By Rocco Pendola

If you don't understand the Music Genome Project, you don't understand Pandora.

01:08PM 01/08/14

Why Google Rocks and Microsoft Stinks

By Rocco Pendola

Polar opposite attitudes at Google and Microsoft help illustrate major record label ineptitude.

11:01AM 01/08/14

How to Get the Most Out of Internet Radio

By Rocco Pendola

There might not be a more consumer-centric space. So you need to know how to best use Internet radio.

10:00AM 01/07/14

More Pictures From Struggling Sears Stores

By Rocco Pendola

Readers love pictures of Sears stores so, without further delay, here are some more.

08:26PM 01/06/14

Microsoft Is So Desperate It's Embarrassing

By Rocco Pendola

The latest rumor out of Redmond hints at how bad things might actually be at Microsoft.

04:40PM 01/06/14

Apple Continues to Absolutely Crush Competition

By Rocco Pendola

The latest data from comScore shows Apple -- and Pandora -- still dominate U.S. smartphones.

03:30PM 01/06/14

A Rock 'n' Roll Original Series Made For TV Networks and Internet Radio

By Rocco Pendola

Expect multiple networks and streamers to bid on a forthcoming original series about LA's legendary Whiskey A Go Go.

12:00PM 01/06/14

Starbucks: Urban Renewer, Urban Opportunist

By Rocco Pendola

Starbucks remains aspirational for many. This knowledge most definitely underlies the company's domestic expansion.

11:00AM 01/06/14

Sears: A National Tragedy

By Rocco Pendola

If you have anger and some fight, direct it at the executives who preside over the demise of brick and mortar retail.

09:30AM 01/06/14

Your Social Media Friends Are Idiots, But We Can Fix That

By Rocco Pendola

Connecting with all your existing friends across online platforms probably doesn't provide the best possible user experience.

08:51AM 01/06/14

More Pathetic Pictures From a Dying Sears, JCP (Update 3)

By Rocco Pendola

You can't make this stuff up. Here's a look at a post-holiday Sears store.

04:06PM 01/04/14

iTunes Is Dead: The Record Industry's Next Steps

By Rocco Pendola

Will the music industrial complex finally do what must be done and embrace streaming, tech and data?

11:00AM 01/04/14

Music Industry's Culture of Learned Helplessness

By Rocco Pendola

If only music actually came first in an industry unwilling to fully embrace an era driven by technology.

11:44AM 01/03/14

Preview: Behind the Scenes With Pandora's Music Genome Project

By Rocco Pendola

A glimpse at TheStreet's exclusive look inside Pandora's personalized radio algorithm with Pandora Chief Scientist Eric Bieschke and Rocco Pendola.

12:32PM 01/01/14

Why Amazon Crushes Apple as an Investment

By Rocco Pendola

The story that underlies a company often better explains its stock performance than quantitative metrics.

10:00AM 12/30/13

Amazon to $800 in 2014

By Rocco Pendola

Amazon has released all the numbers necessary to justify a double in 2014.

09:00AM 12/30/13

Apple to $1,000 in 2014

By Rocco Pendola

Tim Cook establishes confidence on Wall Street in the New Year and Apple stock soars.

09:00AM 12/27/13

Google to $2,000 in 2014

By Rocco Pendola

Don't let Apple bias or a slowdown in revenue growth cloud your judgement on Google.

03:29PM 12/26/13

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