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Will Steve Jobs Make an Apple Product Announcement?

'Deceased but not dead' -- a blogger visions Apple crushing Google with Steve Jobs delivering the message.

Android Stinks and Apple's About to Prove It (UPDATED)

There's more to Apple than marketing. And iPhone 6, the forthcoming Android killer, will prove it.

The One Thing Apple Could Do to Absolutely Devastate Pandora

If Apple declared thermonuclear war on Pandora, it would take some heat while ultimately rendering Pandora extinct.

Yahoo! Set to Crush YouTube
Yahoo! Set to Crush YouTube

05/01/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

First the media ignored Yahoo! Screen. Now it will underestimate it.

Apple to $1,000: That's Still Happening
Apple to $1,000: That's Still Happening

05/01/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

As poser tech stocks crash, Apple stock outperforms and flirts with $600. There's a reason for that.

What Twitter Needs to Do to Survive (UPDATED)

Twitter advertising is a farce. Any major brand that spends a dime on it should fire its entire marketing staff.

Marissa Mayer Just Made Her Best Move Yet as Yahoo! CEO

As Rocco Pendola predicted last year, Yahoo!'s about to take charge of the live concert streaming space.

Taylor Swift Isn't Country (And Apple's Not High-End)

Sometimes everybody wins when massive 'brands' play both sides of the fence.

Pandora Is Killing Itself Right In Front of Our Eyes

Ignore earnings, Pandora's collapsing because it's focusing on the wrong business.

Making Sense of the Crash in Amazon Stock

But if you're a long-term, buy and hold investor this AMZN sell-off should be a dream come true.

HBO on Amazon Prime Exposes Weakness At Netflix

HBO's decision to license programming to Amazon isn't as big of a deal as the media is making it out to be.

Apple Preparing to Crush Competition Again (UPDATED)

Between iPhone 6 and whatever's going on with Nike, Apple's about to change the game ... again.

The Best Role Model in Sports?
The Best Role Model in Sports?

04/23/14 - 01:53 PM EDT

If you're a sports fan, get some perspective when your team "breaks your heart."

Beats Music Thinks It's Netflix -- But It's Wrong

The people behind Beats Music should have exercised humility at launch. Now they're just embarrassed.

Load Up on Apple Stock as Android Killer Looms

If Apple dives post-earnings, sell your house and squat for a year so you can afford to buy a few shares.

A Horribly Embarrassing Image For Tim Cook and Apple

Obsessive attention to detail at the Apple Store appears gone. Somebody needs to bring it back -- now.

Should Amazon Buy Sears?
Should Amazon Buy Sears?

04/21/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

If Jeff Bezos thinks he needs thousands of Sears and Kmart stores, Amazon investors and even shoppers should worry.

The Most Messed Up Thing Cable TV Does to Its Customers

Millions could cut the cord tomorrow if this one relic of modern sports broadcasting went away.

Twitter Could Crush Pandora Without Playing a Song

Minus a serious data business, Pandora will cease being Internet radio's leader.

Steve Jobs Would Have Loved the Horrible Thing Samsung Did When He Died

Did Samsung executives act unethically in the aftermath of the Apple CEO's death?

Ignore the Haters: Marissa Mayer Is Doing Incredibly Well at Yahoo!

Beware of train wrecks of thought that claim Marissa Mayer isn't doing a good job at Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer's a Badass
Marissa Mayer's a Badass

04/16/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

Finally, a CEO who's building Yahoo! to endure, not to satisfy short-term thinkers.

One Reason Why We Don't Quit Cable TV
One Reason Why We Don't Quit Cable TV

04/15/14 - 06:43 PM EDT

Psychological issues might be holding us back from cutting the cord. Just like they did with landlines.

Call the Cops: Apple's About to Kill Android

If you understand the core of Apple and Google's DNA, you understand why iOS will demolish Android.

Live Concerts Would Lift Yahoo!'s Video Strategy (UPDATED)

It's time for Yahoo! to disrupt video on the Internet. There's no better place to start than with the live music experience.

Pandora Still Tinkering With Its Ad-Free Subscription Option

At least some Pandora One subscribers have been asked to take a survey that asks about billing.

Is Steve Jobs Rolling In His Grave or Did He Dig One for Apple's iTunes?

iTunes Radio, the motivation behind it and the reported brainstorming in the aftermath of its launch might be Apple's biggest miscalculation and strategic embarrassment in the post-iPod era.

Apple's iPhone 6 Will Demolish Android (UPDATED)

Tim Cook's not rushing a larger screen iPhone. This provides reason to be optimistic about Apple.

An iWatch Failure Could Get Tim Cook Fired at Apple

Consider nuance when you think about failure at companies such as Apple and Google.

Comcast, Time Warner Cable Merger No Problem For Consumers

Outrage over one big giant cable company is pointless, misplaced.

Facebook Should Buy Twitter
Facebook Should Buy Twitter

04/09/14 - 08:45 AM EDT

There's no reason why Facebook and Twitter shouldn't merge. Standard no-brainer stuff.

Apple's iOS vs. Google's Android: Guess Who's Losing Marketshare

There's a misnomer about iOS/Android marketshare that's beginning to be debunked.

Amidst Uncertainty, Buy Apple and Amazon

Don't fall for a flight to safety in names such as Microsoft and HP. It's time to get aggressive for the long-term.

Potentially Disappointing News for Yahoo!

Just what the tech world needs ... yet another company staking its video 'strategy' on original programming.

Prepare for Twitter's Collapse
Prepare for Twitter's Collapse

04/08/14 - 08:49 AM EDT

Twitter needs to get back to innovating and that doesn't mean keep following Facebook's lead.

Google or Yahoo Buying Pandora Makes a Ton of Sense

Either company could provide the vision and competent management Pandora lacks.

Amazon Fire TV Review: Yes, It's a Roku Killer

Most consumers won't even care about the areas where Amazon falls short with Fire TV.

An Upgrade to Virgin America First Class Is Worth Every Penny

Relative to the outrageous cost to upgrade elsewhere (hello Air Canada!), $400 for first class on Virgin America is a bargain.

7 Pictures of a Breakfast Sandwich More Outrageous Than Taco Bell's Waffle Taco (UPDATED)

Can Taco Bell replicate the goodness of this sick, yet tasty concoction from a Los Angeles cafe?

Roku Is So Finished It Needs Apple, Google or Amazon to Buy It

There's really no compelling reason to own a Roku. So the party's over.

We Went Back to That Dumpy South LA Walmart and Here's What We Found

Clearly, somebody at Walmart headquarters was listening. And that's a good thing.

Amazon: A Much Stronger Company Than Apple

Amazon Fire TV further proves that Jeff Bezos could teach Apple a thing or two about the halo effect.

Apple Will Not Crush Sirius XM
Apple Will Not Crush Sirius XM

04/02/14 - 08:46 AM EDT

It might not be sexy, but sometimes slow and steady -- Sirius XM Satellite Radio -- does win (or at least doesn't lose) the race.

Will Apple Buy Pandora?
Will Apple Buy Pandora?

04/02/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

One outcome of Pandora's next phase of growth could be an acquisition. But which suitor makes the most sense?

Introducing Pet-Driving Cars From Elon Musk's Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk expresses his sense of humor via Twitter and the company blog.

More Disturbing News From Pandora
More Disturbing News From Pandora

04/01/14 - 09:00 AM EDT

It appears Pandora's new CEO disagrees with co-founder Tim Westergren with respect to maintaining healthy company culture.

Microsoft Could Be 2014's Best Buy
Microsoft Could Be 2014's Best Buy

04/01/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

Surging stock prices do not always accurately predict a company's present and future.

Microsoft Didn't Win Last Week, But Apple and Google Did

Despite the media hype surrounding Satya Nadella, Apple and Google continue to put the beat down on Microsoft.

How Apple Could Become America's Most Hated Company

Nuance separates notions of building an empire and building a great company. Tim Cook understands this; Mark Zuckerberg doesn't.

Pandora Cries Poor as Executives Get Filthy Rich

As a company, Pandora claims royalties squeeze its ability to super serve data yet its executives sell copious amounts of stock.

If Apple Needs Netflix, Tim Cook Needs a Clue

Too deep a dive into expensive content could signal trouble with Apple's bread and butter -- hardware.

Here's Why Pandora's Crashing
Here's Why Pandora's Crashing

03/26/14 - 02:14 PM EDT

Get out while you can -- On it's present course, Pandora has further to fall.

To Save CNN, You Must Kill It
To Save CNN, You Must Kill It

03/26/14 - 09:00 AM EDT

With nothing left of the brand, the only way to revive CNN is to replace it with something completely different.

Microsoft's BlackBerry-Like Collapse Is Already Happening

Google's push into consumer and enterprise software and services will send Microsoft into a death spiral.

With or Without Apple, Google Will Crush Microsoft

Google's suite of productivity software and services continues to put the writing on Microsoft's wall.

Apple Doesn't Need to Change
Apple Doesn't Need to Change

03/24/14 - 06:54 PM EDT

It's pure lunacy to think Apple should respond to anything Microsoft or Sony has done.

A Potential Reason Why Some Walmart Stores Are Dumps

Is Walmart only taking care of strategically located Supercenters?

16 Pictures That Show There's Hope For Walmart

If all of Walmart's stores looked like Walmart Neighborhood Market, we might not be having this conversation.

Some People Are Freaked Out About Starbucks Serving Alcohol

While the negative reaction's overblown, Starbucks can do something to moderate its entrance into serving alcohol.

Apple Must Do a TV
Apple Must Do a TV

03/19/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

If you think about what makes sense, an Apple television set easily trumps the notion of the mythical iWatch.

Mistreated Walmart Employees Speak Out Against Company (UPDATED)

We're witnessing systemic failure at Walmart. It's so bad, Walmart could become the next Sears.

Is Apple Pressuring Walmart to Clean Up Its Act?

Behind closed doors, Apple can't be happy with the way Walmart trashes its image.

Walmart: Retail's Biggest Embarrassment
Walmart: Retail's Biggest Embarrassment

03/17/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

Instead of making excuses, here's hoping Walmart takes action to clean up its act and its stores.

Why Pictures of Messy Sears and Walmart Stores Matter

Physical retail can create community. As Sears and Walmart show, they can just as easily kill it.

Sears: More Disturbing Images From the Dying Retailer

The more Sears lets itself go, the less of a chance it has to sell off pieces of its corpse.

24 Pictures From a Walmart That Make Sears Look Classy

There's a Walmart in South L.A. and Sam Walton would be ashamed of the condition it's in.

Suddenly Pandora Wants to 'Share Some Data' With Record Labels

Pandora executives appear to pay attention to what the media says about them.

Here's Why Facebook Is Better Than Twitter

An air of pretentiousness keeps Twitter from replicating Facebook's massive user base.

Wal-Mart Obviously Doesn't Care Much About Apple's Image

It's shocking to see Apple products displayed in such messy conditions at a discount retailer such as Wal-Mart.

Investors Should Beware of Citron Research, Plug Power

The financial media needs to raise red flags -- on PLUG, on Citron, on everything -- more often. Otherwise, why does it exist?

Why Apple Could Squash Pandora, But Won't

Consider the end game for Apple, Amazon and Pandora. It'll make you view 'competition' in Internet radio differently.

New Jersey's Attack on Tesla Is Just Wrong

In New Jersey and elsewhere, we're witnessing a classic case of punish the innovators.

Two Things Tim Cook Could Do That Would Kill Apple

The media often ignores the most important factor that drives Apple.

The People Waiting in This Line for Coffee and Donuts Are Either Nuts or Really Patriotic

Fanaticism for Tim Hortons in Canada might not translate in the U.S. where there's very little nationalistic pride for the brand.

Sell Pandora: It's About to Become a Thing of the Past

If it stays its present course and only its present course, Pandora will wind up a slow-growing, one trick pony.

Virgin America IPO Scares Me
Virgin America IPO Scares Me

03/11/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

Will going public erode the experience on one of America's favorite airlines?

Some Users Outraged by Changes to Facebook's Newsfeed

Facebook's Newsfeed has undergone another change. This time it's cosmetic.

The Good and Bad From One Airline's Overpriced Business Class Cabin

Spending a couple thousand bucks (or more) to fly business class on Air Canada probably won't seem worth it for most people.

This Tweet Explains Why Sears Continues to Fail

Sears doesn't understand why it fails while retailers such as and Apple thrive.

Pandora Thinks We're All Total Idiots (and Spotify Buys The Echo Nest!)

A major Internet radio shake up as Pandora missteps on listener hours and Spotify takes the lead on data.

Could a Smartwatch Be Apple, Intel's Next Big Flop?

Is the market for wearable technology real or did a consensus of technology companies misguidedly fabricate it?

Steve Ballmer: The Rob Ford of Tech
Steve Ballmer: The Rob Ford of Tech

03/05/14 - 02:11 PM EST

A BloombergBusinessweek piece exposes Microsoft's Steve Ballmer for the incompetent CEO he was.

Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria Tried Selling Me Oscars 2014 Apparel This Morning

Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria attempts to capitalize on its Ellen moment with an entire line of Oscars apparel.

Intel Has Become an Embarrassment
Intel Has Become an Embarrassment

03/05/14 - 09:00 AM EST

If Intel thinks wearables are the next big thing, everybody else should run away.

UPDATED: Huge News Driving Pandora Stock

Pandora's sales department has a new tool in its arsenal to poach ad dollars from broadcast radio.

Why Beats Music Has Failed and Will Continue to Fail

The buzz over Beats Music is gone, which makes Pandora's missed opportunities more frustrating.

Within 10 Years, Apple and Google Will Have Put Microsoft Out of Business

Indelible ink meet brick wall: Microsoft will end up like BlackBerry. Or worse.

Things That Could Blow Up in Apple's Face

If Apple moves forward with a weak Siri and no Pandora, CarPlay will be mediocre at best.

Beats Music Plummets in Apple's App Store

The minds behind Beats Music are learning that streaming radio's not as easy as they thought it would be.

Roku Is Dead, But Apple Didn't Kill It
Roku Is Dead, But Apple Didn't Kill It

03/03/14 - 02:21 PM EST

Several factors are taking shape that could render Roku unnecessary.

More on Pandora's Missed Opportunity
More on Pandora's Missed Opportunity

03/03/14 - 10:00 AM EST

Yet another company innovating on turf Pandora should stake competitive claim to.

3 CEOs Who Must Be Fired Immediately
3 CEOs Who Must Be Fired Immediately

03/03/14 - 09:12 AM EST

Leaders at Sears, Best Buy and JCP remain addicted to the same old drugs.

Amazon Music Could Be Songza
Amazon Music Could Be Songza

03/03/14 - 09:00 AM EST

If it looks like -- or is -- Songza, Amazon Music could make Pandora look silly.

Twitter Advertising is Worse Than Spam
Twitter Advertising is Worse Than Spam

03/03/14 - 08:45 AM EST

The media loves Twitter CEO Dick Costolo so much they don't dare ask about Twitter's glaring weakness.

Apple: Without a Much-Improved Siri, CarPlay Will Be a Dud

A test of Eyes-Free Siri implies that Tim Cook exercises less control over Apple's image than Steve Jobs did.

Why It Can Be Great When Starbucks Replaces Local Business

If you think Starbucks' domestic growth opportunity is dead, think again.

Tired of Hearing About Gay Future NFL Star Michael Sam?

At this point in the fight, it seems more (positive) news about gays is good news.

East Coast: Stop Complaining About the Weather, It's Raining in LA

It's raining -- kind of hard -- in Southern California.

A la Carte Cable TV Could Cost Consumers More

Imagine a world where you control your cable package. It could very well cost you more than you pay now.

Exposing a Pandora Article That Reads Like a Press Release

A recent PR move by Pandora attempts to steer the conversation on data, but fails.

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