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Rocco's Most Recent Article

Here's Why Some Musicians Hate Spotify's Daniel Ek and Pandora's Tim Westergren

09/08/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

The words of Spotify's CEO and actions of Pandora executives justify the angst and, in some cases, hatred many musicians feel toward streaming radio.

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Will Steve Jobs Make an Apple Product Announcement?

05/05/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

'Deceased but not dead' -- a blogger visions Apple crushing Google with Steve Jobs delivering the message.

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Android Stinks and Apple's About to Prove It (UPDATED)

05/02/14 - 02:10 PM EDT

There's more to Apple than marketing. And iPhone 6, the forthcoming Android killer, will prove it.

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The One Thing Apple Could Do to Absolutely Devastate Pandora

05/01/14 - 03:46 PM EDT

If Apple declared thermonuclear war on Pandora, it would take some heat while ultimately rendering Pandora extinct.

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Yahoo! Set to Crush YouTube

05/01/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

First the media ignored Yahoo! Screen. Now it will underestimate it.

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Apple to $1,000: That's Still Happening

05/01/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

As poser tech stocks crash, Apple stock outperforms and flirts with $600. There's a reason for that.

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What Twitter Needs to Do to Survive (UPDATED)

04/30/14 - 08:44 PM EDT

Twitter advertising is a farce. Any major brand that spends a dime on it should fire its entire marketing staff.

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Marissa Mayer Just Made Her Best Move Yet as Yahoo! CEO

04/30/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

As Rocco Pendola predicted last year, Yahoo!'s about to take charge of the live concert streaming space.

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Taylor Swift Isn't Country (And Apple's Not High-End)

04/27/14 - 10:00 AM EDT

Sometimes everybody wins when massive 'brands' play both sides of the fence.

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Pandora Is Killing Itself Right In Front of Our Eyes

04/25/14 - 03:13 PM EDT

Ignore earnings, Pandora's collapsing because it's focusing on the wrong business.

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Making Sense of the Crash in Amazon Stock

04/25/14 - 12:56 PM EDT

But if you're a long-term, buy and hold investor this AMZN sell-off should be a dream come true.

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HBO on Amazon Prime Exposes Weakness At Netflix

04/24/14 - 10:40 AM EDT

HBO's decision to license programming to Amazon isn't as big of a deal as the media is making it out to be.

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Apple Preparing to Crush Competition Again (UPDATED)

04/23/14 - 05:30 PM EDT

Between iPhone 6 and whatever's going on with Nike, Apple's about to change the game ... again.

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The Best Role Model in Sports?

04/23/14 - 01:53 PM EDT

If you're a sports fan, get some perspective when your team "breaks your heart."

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Beats Music Thinks It's Netflix -- But It's Wrong

04/22/14 - 12:32 PM EDT

The people behind Beats Music should have exercised humility at launch. Now they're just embarrassed.

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Load Up on Apple Stock as Android Killer Looms

04/22/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

If Apple dives post-earnings, sell your house and squat for a year so you can afford to buy a few shares.

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A Horribly Embarrassing Image For Tim Cook and Apple

04/21/14 - 03:37 PM EDT

Obsessive attention to detail at the Apple Store appears gone. Somebody needs to bring it back -- now.

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Should Amazon Buy Sears?

04/21/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

If Jeff Bezos thinks he needs thousands of Sears and Kmart stores, Amazon investors and even shoppers should worry.

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The Most Messed Up Thing Cable TV Does to Its Customers

04/19/14 - 10:00 AM EDT

Millions could cut the cord tomorrow if this one relic of modern sports broadcasting went away.

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Twitter Could Crush Pandora Without Playing a Song

04/17/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

Minus a serious data business, Pandora will cease being Internet radio's leader.

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Steve Jobs Would Have Loved the Horrible Thing Samsung Did When He Died

04/16/14 - 02:40 PM EDT

Did Samsung executives act unethically in the aftermath of the Apple CEO's death?

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Ignore the Haters: Marissa Mayer Is Doing Incredibly Well at Yahoo!

04/16/14 - 11:20 AM EDT

Beware of train wrecks of thought that claim Marissa Mayer isn't doing a good job at Yahoo!

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Marissa Mayer's a Badass

04/16/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

Finally, a CEO who's building Yahoo! to endure, not to satisfy short-term thinkers.

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One Reason Why We Don't Quit Cable TV

04/15/14 - 06:43 PM EDT

Psychological issues might be holding us back from cutting the cord. Just like they did with landlines.

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Call the Cops: Apple's About to Kill Android

04/15/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

If you understand the core of Apple and Google's DNA, you understand why iOS will demolish Android.

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Live Concerts Would Lift Yahoo!'s Video Strategy (UPDATED)

04/14/14 - 04:17 PM EDT

It's time for Yahoo! to disrupt video on the Internet. There's no better place to start than with the live music experience.

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Pandora Still Tinkering With Its Ad-Free Subscription Option

04/10/14 - 09:39 AM EDT

At least some Pandora One subscribers have been asked to take a survey that asks about billing.

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Is Steve Jobs Rolling In His Grave or Did He Dig One for Apple's iTunes?

04/10/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

iTunes Radio, the motivation behind it and the reported brainstorming in the aftermath of its launch might be Apple's biggest miscalculation and strategic embarrassment in the post-iPod era.

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Apple's iPhone 6 Will Demolish Android (UPDATED)

04/09/14 - 03:11 PM EDT

Tim Cook's not rushing a larger screen iPhone. This provides reason to be optimistic about Apple.

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An iWatch Failure Could Get Tim Cook Fired at Apple

04/09/14 - 12:40 PM EDT

Consider nuance when you think about failure at companies such as Apple and Google.

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Comcast, Time Warner Cable Merger No Problem For Consumers

04/09/14 - 11:15 AM EDT

Outrage over one big giant cable company is pointless, misplaced.

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Facebook Should Buy Twitter

04/09/14 - 08:45 AM EDT

There's no reason why Facebook and Twitter shouldn't merge. Standard no-brainer stuff.

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Apple's iOS vs. Google's Android: Guess Who's Losing Marketshare

04/08/14 - 04:52 PM EDT

There's a misnomer about iOS/Android marketshare that's beginning to be debunked.

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Amidst Uncertainty, Buy Apple and Amazon

04/08/14 - 03:37 PM EDT

Don't fall for a flight to safety in names such as Microsoft and HP. It's time to get aggressive for the long-term.

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Potentially Disappointing News for Yahoo!

04/08/14 - 09:15 AM EDT

Just what the tech world needs ... yet another company staking its video 'strategy' on original programming.

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Prepare for Twitter's Collapse

04/08/14 - 08:49 AM EDT

Twitter needs to get back to innovating and that doesn't mean keep following Facebook's lead.

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Google or Yahoo Buying Pandora Makes a Ton of Sense

04/07/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

Either company could provide the vision and competent management Pandora lacks.

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Amazon Fire TV Review: Yes, It's a Roku Killer

04/07/14 - 07:54 AM EDT

Most consumers won't even care about the areas where Amazon falls short with Fire TV.

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An Upgrade to Virgin America First Class Is Worth Every Penny

04/07/14 - 06:17 AM EDT

Relative to the outrageous cost to upgrade elsewhere (hello Air Canada!), $400 for first class on Virgin America is a bargain.

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7 Pictures of a Breakfast Sandwich More Outrageous Than Taco Bell's Waffle Taco (UPDATED)

04/05/14 - 07:55 PM EDT

Can Taco Bell replicate the goodness of this sick, yet tasty concoction from a Los Angeles cafe?

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Roku Is So Finished It Needs Apple, Google or Amazon to Buy It

04/04/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

There's really no compelling reason to own a Roku. So the party's over.

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We Went Back to That Dumpy South LA Walmart and Here's What We Found

04/03/14 - 06:38 PM EDT

Clearly, somebody at Walmart headquarters was listening. And that's a good thing.

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Amazon: A Much Stronger Company Than Apple

04/03/14 - 10:43 AM EDT

Amazon Fire TV further proves that Jeff Bezos could teach Apple a thing or two about the halo effect.

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Apple Will Not Crush Sirius XM

04/02/14 - 08:46 AM EDT

It might not be sexy, but sometimes slow and steady -- Sirius XM Satellite Radio -- does win (or at least doesn't lose) the race.

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Will Apple Buy Pandora?

04/02/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

One outcome of Pandora's next phase of growth could be an acquisition. But which suitor makes the most sense?

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Introducing Pet-Driving Cars From Elon Musk's Tesla Motors

04/01/14 - 04:47 PM EDT

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk expresses his sense of humor via Twitter and the company blog.

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More Disturbing News From Pandora

04/01/14 - 09:00 AM EDT

It appears Pandora's new CEO disagrees with co-founder Tim Westergren with respect to maintaining healthy company culture.

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Microsoft Could Be 2014's Best Buy

04/01/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

Surging stock prices do not always accurately predict a company's present and future.

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Microsoft Didn't Win Last Week, But Apple and Google Did

03/31/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Despite the media hype surrounding Satya Nadella, Apple and Google continue to put the beat down on Microsoft.

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How Apple Could Become America's Most Hated Company

03/29/14 - 10:00 AM EDT

Nuance separates notions of building an empire and building a great company. Tim Cook understands this; Mark Zuckerberg doesn't.

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Pandora Cries Poor as Executives Get Filthy Rich

03/27/14 - 08:33 AM EDT

As a company, Pandora claims royalties squeeze its ability to super serve data yet its executives sell copious amounts of stock.

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If Apple Needs Netflix, Tim Cook Needs a Clue

03/27/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Too deep a dive into expensive content could signal trouble with Apple's bread and butter -- hardware.

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Here's Why Pandora's Crashing

03/26/14 - 02:14 PM EDT

Get out while you can -- On it's present course, Pandora has further to fall.

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To Save CNN, You Must Kill It

03/26/14 - 09:00 AM EDT

With nothing left of the brand, the only way to revive CNN is to replace it with something completely different.

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Microsoft's BlackBerry-Like Collapse Is Already Happening

03/26/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Google's push into consumer and enterprise software and services will send Microsoft into a death spiral.

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With or Without Apple, Google Will Crush Microsoft

03/25/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

Google's suite of productivity software and services continues to put the writing on Microsoft's wall.

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Apple Doesn't Need to Change

03/24/14 - 06:54 PM EDT

It's pure lunacy to think Apple should respond to anything Microsoft or Sony has done.

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A Potential Reason Why Some Walmart Stores Are Dumps

03/22/14 - 06:01 PM EDT

Is Walmart only taking care of strategically located Supercenters?

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16 Pictures That Show There's Hope For Walmart

03/22/14 - 09:29 AM EDT

If all of Walmart's stores looked like Walmart Neighborhood Market, we might not be having this conversation.

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Some People Are Freaked Out About Starbucks Serving Alcohol

03/20/14 - 08:04 PM EDT

While the negative reaction's overblown, Starbucks can do something to moderate its entrance into serving alcohol.

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Apple Must Do a TV

03/19/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

If you think about what makes sense, an Apple television set easily trumps the notion of the mythical iWatch.

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Mistreated Walmart Employees Speak Out Against Company (UPDATED)

03/18/14 - 04:45 PM EDT

We're witnessing systemic failure at Walmart. It's so bad, Walmart could become the next Sears.

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Is Apple Pressuring Walmart to Clean Up Its Act?

03/17/14 - 03:47 PM EDT

Behind closed doors, Apple can't be happy with the way Walmart trashes its image.

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Walmart: Retail's Biggest Embarrassment

03/17/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

Instead of making excuses, here's hoping Walmart takes action to clean up its act and its stores.

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Why Pictures of Messy Sears and Walmart Stores Matter

03/16/14 - 06:41 PM EDT

Physical retail can create community. As Sears and Walmart show, they can just as easily kill it.

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Sears: More Disturbing Images From the Dying Retailer

03/16/14 - 09:44 AM EDT

The more Sears lets itself go, the less of a chance it has to sell off pieces of its corpse.

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24 Pictures From a Walmart That Make Sears Look Classy

03/15/14 - 09:43 AM EDT

There's a Walmart in South L.A. and Sam Walton would be ashamed of the condition it's in.

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Suddenly Pandora Wants to 'Share Some Data' With Record Labels

03/14/14 - 01:41 PM EDT

Pandora executives appear to pay attention to what the media says about them.

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Here's Why Facebook Is Better Than Twitter

03/14/14 - 09:00 AM EDT

An air of pretentiousness keeps Twitter from replicating Facebook's massive user base.

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Wal-Mart Obviously Doesn't Care Much About Apple's Image

03/13/14 - 03:39 PM EDT

It's shocking to see Apple products displayed in such messy conditions at a discount retailer such as Wal-Mart.

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Investors Should Beware of Citron Research, Plug Power

03/13/14 - 08:56 AM EDT

The financial media needs to raise red flags -- on PLUG, on Citron, on everything -- more often. Otherwise, why does it exist?

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Why Apple Could Squash Pandora, But Won't

03/11/14 - 07:43 PM EDT

Consider the end game for Apple, Amazon and Pandora. It'll make you view 'competition' in Internet radio differently.

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New Jersey's Attack on Tesla Is Just Wrong

03/11/14 - 05:20 PM EDT

In New Jersey and elsewhere, we're witnessing a classic case of punish the innovators.

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Two Things Tim Cook Could Do That Would Kill Apple

03/11/14 - 02:22 PM EDT

The media often ignores the most important factor that drives Apple.

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The People Waiting in This Line for Coffee and Donuts Are Either Nuts or Really Patriotic

03/11/14 - 09:33 AM EDT

Fanaticism for Tim Hortons in Canada might not translate in the U.S. where there's very little nationalistic pride for the brand.

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Sell Pandora: It's About to Become a Thing of the Past

03/11/14 - 09:00 AM EDT

If it stays its present course and only its present course, Pandora will wind up a slow-growing, one trick pony.

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Virgin America IPO Scares Me

03/11/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

Will going public erode the experience on one of America's favorite airlines?

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Some Users Outraged by Changes to Facebook's Newsfeed

03/10/14 - 01:32 PM EDT

Facebook's Newsfeed has undergone another change. This time it's cosmetic.

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The Good and Bad From One Airline's Overpriced Business Class Cabin

03/10/14 - 09:19 AM EDT

Spending a couple thousand bucks (or more) to fly business class on Air Canada probably won't seem worth it for most people.

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This Tweet Explains Why Sears Continues to Fail

03/10/14 - 09:00 AM EDT

Sears doesn't understand why it fails while retailers such as and Apple thrive.

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Pandora Thinks We're All Total Idiots (and Spotify Buys The Echo Nest!)

03/06/14 - 09:58 AM EST

A major Internet radio shake up as Pandora missteps on listener hours and Spotify takes the lead on data.

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Could a Smartwatch Be Apple, Intel's Next Big Flop?

03/06/14 - 09:00 AM EST

Is the market for wearable technology real or did a consensus of technology companies misguidedly fabricate it?

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Steve Ballmer: The Rob Ford of Tech

03/05/14 - 02:11 PM EST

A BloombergBusinessweek piece exposes Microsoft's Steve Ballmer for the incompetent CEO he was.

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Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria Tried Selling Me Oscars 2014 Apparel This Morning

03/05/14 - 09:02 AM EST

Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria attempts to capitalize on its Ellen moment with an entire line of Oscars apparel.

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Intel Has Become an Embarrassment

03/05/14 - 09:00 AM EST

If Intel thinks wearables are the next big thing, everybody else should run away.

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UPDATED: Huge News Driving Pandora Stock

03/04/14 - 02:38 PM EST

Pandora's sales department has a new tool in its arsenal to poach ad dollars from broadcast radio.

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Why Beats Music Has Failed and Will Continue to Fail

03/04/14 - 01:31 PM EST

The buzz over Beats Music is gone, which makes Pandora's missed opportunities more frustrating.

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Within 10 Years, Apple and Google Will Have Put Microsoft Out of Business

03/04/14 - 12:40 PM EST

Indelible ink meet brick wall: Microsoft will end up like BlackBerry. Or worse.

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Things That Could Blow Up in Apple's Face

03/04/14 - 08:00 AM EST

If Apple moves forward with a weak Siri and no Pandora, CarPlay will be mediocre at best.

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Beats Music Plummets in Apple's App Store

03/03/14 - 03:57 PM EST

The minds behind Beats Music are learning that streaming radio's not as easy as they thought it would be.

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Roku Is Dead, But Apple Didn't Kill It

03/03/14 - 02:21 PM EST

Several factors are taking shape that could render Roku unnecessary.

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More on Pandora's Missed Opportunity

03/03/14 - 10:00 AM EST

Yet another company innovating on turf Pandora should stake competitive claim to.

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3 CEOs Who Must Be Fired Immediately

03/03/14 - 09:12 AM EST

Leaders at Sears, Best Buy and JCP remain addicted to the same old drugs.

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Amazon Music Could Be Songza

03/03/14 - 09:00 AM EST

If it looks like -- or is -- Songza, Amazon Music could make Pandora look silly.

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Twitter Advertising is Worse Than Spam

03/03/14 - 08:45 AM EST

The media loves Twitter CEO Dick Costolo so much they don't dare ask about Twitter's glaring weakness.

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Apple: Without a Much-Improved Siri, CarPlay Will Be a Dud

03/03/14 - 08:22 AM EST

A test of Eyes-Free Siri implies that Tim Cook exercises less control over Apple's image than Steve Jobs did.

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Why It Can Be Great When Starbucks Replaces Local Business

03/01/14 - 03:29 PM EST

If you think Starbucks' domestic growth opportunity is dead, think again.

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Tired of Hearing About Gay Future NFL Star Michael Sam?

03/01/14 - 02:22 PM EST

At this point in the fight, it seems more (positive) news about gays is good news.

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East Coast: Stop Complaining About the Weather, It's Raining in LA

02/28/14 - 12:59 PM EST

It's raining -- kind of hard -- in Southern California.

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A la Carte Cable TV Could Cost Consumers More

02/27/14 - 09:03 AM EST

Imagine a world where you control your cable package. It could very well cost you more than you pay now.

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Exposing a Pandora Article That Reads Like a Press Release

02/26/14 - 04:50 PM EST

A recent PR move by Pandora attempts to steer the conversation on data, but fails.

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