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Here's Why Some Musicians Hate Spotify's Daniel Ek and Pandora's Tim Westergren

The words of Spotify's CEO and actions of Pandora executives justify the angst and, in some cases, hatred many musicians feel toward streaming radio.

The Streaming Service I Wish Apple or Google Would Have Bought

It seems like a bonehead of a strategic move for streaming radio platform Rdio to partner with Cumulus Media, a dinosaur of a broadcast radio company.

If Apple's a Sell, the Stock Market Stinks

The euphoria that's about to surround Apple might not be enough to inject life into a stock that many other high fliers have outperformed.

Amazon, Google and Same-Day Delivery Minus Profits

What's up with the mass proliferation of companies that deliver products and services within 24 to 48 hours or sooner?

Apple's Archaic Software and Services Could Be Its Achilles' Heel

Despite what Tim Cook says, Apple is and has always been a hardware company. It should strike concern that, as Apple releases new devices, software might take center stage.

Best Buy Needs to Get a Grip and Hire a New, Visionary CEO

Now more than ever, physical retail needs visionary leaders. Best Buy's Hubert Joly doesn't match the job qualification.

Long-Time Investor Is Dumping Pandora Shares

An early-stage, decade-longer investor in Pandora appears to be bailing out.

Love Amazon Stock as Much as Amazon the Company

If you're still scoffing at Amazon, you probably need to merge your ideas of what makes great companies and great stocks.

Don't Forget Why Apple Fans Love iPhone
Don't Forget Why Apple Fans Love iPhone

08/26/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

Apple doesn't need revolution with iPhone 6, just a little more evolution.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Flap Proves Pandora's Impact, Music Industry's Ineptitude

The greedy NFL should be paying musicians, not the other way around. But it's the music industry's fault that it has come to this.

Taylor Swift Marks a Do-or-Die Moment for Yahoo!

Yahoo! must capitalize on its recent Taylor Swift buzz with a real live concert streaming strategy. If not, Yahoo! Screen might never get off the ground.

Why the Wired World Isn't Worth a Cup of Dog Pee

There's an app that will analyze your dog's urine after you collect it in a cup. Is technology going too far?

As Competitors Slum It, Apple Prepares Android-Crushing iPhone 6

Global smartphone marketshare numbers help us further understand Apple's superior strategy across devices.

Even Buick Is Kicking Microsoft's Butt
Even Buick Is Kicking Microsoft's Butt

08/16/14 - 09:30 AM EDT

Before it continues down the path that facilitated Apple's disposal of BlackBerry, Microsoft should study Buick's marketing.

Microsoft Will Never Learn, Keeps Attacking Apple

As Steve Ballmer does his best (uncool) impersonation of Mark Cuban, Satya Nadella is left cleaning up his impossible mess at Microsoft.

Will Pandora and Sirius XM Merge?
Will Pandora and Sirius XM Merge?

08/14/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

While Yahoo!, Google or even Amazon taking out Pandora might be more exciting, a union with Sirius XM could make sense.

What to Expect From Marissa Mayer and Yahoo! Live Concert Streaming

Don't expect Yahoo! Screen's August 18 live event with Taylor Swift to be a one-off performance.

Bearish Pandora For the Wrong Reasons
Bearish Pandora For the Wrong Reasons

08/11/14 - 08:00 AM EDT

It should be investing 101: Be sure to support your bear case with bonafide reasons to be bearish.

Yahoo! Could Hammer Google, Completely Disrupt Music Industry

Pandora represents a key cog that could help Yahoo! reinvigorate its business and turn music back into a multi-billion dollar powerhouse.

Is Taylor Swift About to Do a Deal With Yahoo!?

As Taylor Swift releases clues, presumably with respect to her forthcoming album, the third one involves -- somewhat mysteriously -- Yahoo!

Pandora's Deal With Thousands of Indie Labels Changes the Game

Pandora's pact with Merlin takes a step in the right direction on data, but it also alters the playing field with respect to independent artist exposure.

Why Firing Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Would Be a Dumb Move

Getting rid of Marissa Mayer would be short-sighted. She's building a unique business at Yahoo! with a long-term focus, not the long-hanging fruit of advertising clicks.

Apple Has a Problem and There's Only One Way to Fix It

Folks calling for change inside the Apple Store risk breaking something that doesn't need fixing.

Further Proof Microsoft Is Doomed By Apple and Google's Dominance

Apple and Google have already crushed Microsoft with consumers. Expect a similar trend with business customers.

Pandora's Tim Westergren Thinks He's On a Mission From God

The Internet radio leader fails to lead, thanks largely to a co-founder set in his well-intentioned, but stubborn and righteous ways.

How Netflix Taught Me a Pandora Lesson
How Netflix Taught Me a Pandora Lesson

07/29/14 - 09:00 AM EDT

Changing your position on a company or stock -- even frequently -- makes more sense than marrying yourself to emotional arguments.

It's a Red Flag When Billboard Doesn't Even Know Who Pandora's CEO Is

There's something wrong when a leading music-related publication thinks Tim Westergren is Pandora's CEO.

You're Probably Better Off Buying Amazon Stock Than Apple

Both AMZN and AAPL likely have tons of upside, but, if you consider each company's situation without blinders, filters or bias, Amazon probably deserves a slight edge.

Pandora Needs to Fire Its CEO or Hire Someone to Help Him

A static, modest growth business model will do Pandora little good on Wall Street and, eventually, with listeners. It needs to innovate in more ways than one.

The Stupidity of the Music Industry Is Absolutely Stunning

Record labels should seek sole control of companies such as Vevo and Spotify, not buyers and 'strategic investors.'

Here's What Apple's Murder of Microsoft Might Look Like

Tim Cook isn't about to stop at the mouth of his Apple/IBM partnership. He'll continue to provide businesses with reasons to switch from Microsoft.

Was Apple's Demolition of BlackBerry 'Click Bait' or Did It Actually Happen?

Looking back at BlackBerry's 2011 collapse should prompt investors to at least look twice and think before they blow off predictions of Microsoft's collapse at the hands of Apple.

Apple Should Do Us a Favor and Buy Twitter

The fate of Twitter rests on the ego of its CEO. Will Dick Costolo swallow his pride and seek a buyer for the social network?

Why Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Is 2014's Top CEO By a Landslide

Tech geeks and financial media wonks focus on the wrong factors at Yahoo. Pay attention to Yahoo! Screen -- it will become Mayer's game-changing legacy.

Time Warner Would Be Insane to Sell HBO
Time Warner Would Be Insane to Sell HBO

07/21/14 - 12:34 PM EDT

Given the opportunity that lies ahead for HBO, Time Warner would make a huge mistake letting HBO go. Jeff Bewkes would be better off divesting CNN for free.

Apple Will Murder Microsoft and Bury It With BlackBerry's Corpse

Don't ignore the writing on the wall. Microsoft might be a good investment today, but Apple will render it a shell of its former self tomorrow.

We Could Be Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks Away From a Huge Pandora Announcement

Barring a buyout, expect Pandora to move big on data now -- or never.

Apple Well On Its Way to Absolutely Devastating Microsoft

Recent data suggests a scary conclusion for Microsoft -- business customers might be moving away from Windows/Office pursuant to employee demand.

There's No Guarantee Apple and Google Will Crush Pandora

Standalone streamers such as Beats Music and Songza can only put the hurt on Pandora if Apple and Google properly leverage these assets.

Albert Fried: 'Pandora's Scale is a False Asset'

The day after Google buys Songza, a leading Internet radio analyst argues that Pandora is losing its competitive advantage quick.

Will Public Displays of Arrogance From Pandora Executives Kill the Company?

In public, Pandora claims moves by Spotify, Apple and traditional radio will have no impact on its business. The company really cannot believe this propaganda behind closed doors.

Google Buys Songza and That's a Loss for Amazon

It's official: Google adds Songza to its streaming music portfolio. It's curious why Amazon would not have made this move.

It's a Great Time to Be a Consumer of Media and Technology

Consumers and investors reap the benefits of an environment that's not as much about delivering revenue and profits as it is about becoming a ubiquitous consumer presence.

Here's What Apple's iWatch Must Do to Avoid Being a Flop

When you consider iPod, iPhone and iPad's sales numbers and staying power, it's sensible to be skeptical about Apple's move into wearable technology.

Is the Tech Bubble About to Burst?
Is the Tech Bubble About to Burst?

06/30/14 - 07:50 PM EDT

If you have to defend $1.2 million in funding for an app called "Yo," maybe larger insecurities are at play.

Why a Television Set Would Do Wonders for Apple's Image

Apple should stake out and defend at least a little bit of high-end turf to ensure its allure doesn't dilute and eventually wear thin.

The Devastating Collapse of the Music Industry in One Chart

As they spread blame to everybody but themselves, the numbers show that the executives who comprise the music industrial complex are little more than a gaggle of losers.

Radio's Quiet Game Changer That Could Crush Pandora

Expect a groundbreaking new initiative launched by a Seattle radio station to spread, changing traditional radio for the better and eventually putting serious hurt on Pandora.

If Apple Focused on iTV, It Could Be as Big as iPhone and iPad

The living room presents the most Apple-like opportunity in tech. It's curious we haven't heard much about it.

Amazon Should Have Made Fire Phone Free
Amazon Should Have Made Fire Phone Free

06/23/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

What good is profit if Amazon doesn't sell enough smartphones for it to show on the bottom line?

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