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Tesla Just Set a New Company Record for Delivering Cars

07/02/15 - 07:35 AM EDT

Tesla Motors shares were moving higher Friday after the electric vehicle maker said it delivered 11,507 Model S vehicles in the second quarter, a new company record.

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Does Apple Have a Watch Problem?

07/01/15 - 11:25 AM EDT

Depending upon whom you ask, Apple may have a Watch issue. Sales aren't as strong as first estimated. But Jim Cramer says not to jump to conclusions.

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Fitbit Is Actually More Popular Than Apple Watch Right Now

06/30/15 - 02:03 PM EDT

Fitbit outsold the Apple Watch in May, selling 850,000 devices, compared to 777,000 for the Apple Watch.

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Apple Music Is Live -- Here's the Early Reaction

06/30/15 - 12:17 PM EDT

Apple Music is finally live and so far, people are loving it.

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Why the iPhone Is a Juggernaut Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen

06/29/15 - 01:15 PM EDT

As anticipation builds about a new version of the iPhone, sales of the current version usually start to slow. Except, that isn't happening with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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Star Wars Second Edition Headphones Review -- The Force Is With Them

06/29/15 - 09:39 AM EDT

If you're willing to spend a few extra bucks and you're a huge Star Wars fan (as I admittedly am), then SMS's latest offering might be worth the investment.

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Taylor Swift Makes It Official -- 1989 Is Coming to Apple Music

06/25/15 - 11:46 AM EDT

Be still your hearts, Taylor Swift fans. 1989 is coming to Apple Music.

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Yahoo!'s Best Days Are Ahead of It -- If You Believe Marissa Mayer

06/24/15 - 02:07 PM EDT

The struggling Internet company's future is bright, says its CEO Marissa Mayer at the annual shareholder meeting Wednesday.

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IBM Teams Up With Box to Make It Easier to Work in the Cloud

06/24/15 - 08:48 AM EDT

After having vowed to steal customers from the technology giant, Box is teaming up with IBM to integrate both companies' products and services, changing how people work with cloud computing.

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Tesla Says Model 3 Remains on Schedule

06/22/15 - 12:10 PM EDT

Much of Tesla Motors' valuation hinges on the Model 3, so any delay to when it might be introduced could concern investors.

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Here's a Huge Update on Twitter's CEO Search

06/22/15 - 09:31 AM EDT

Twitter announces it has hired Spencer Stuart to help it find a replacement for CEO Dick Costolo, who is set to leave his post on July 1.

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How IBM Is Trying to Help Save You From a Hurricane

06/22/15 - 12:01 AM EDT

They say Mother Nature can strike at the worst times and occasionally be unpredictable. IBM and the The Weather Company want to stop that.

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Fitbit Rises Again -- What Traders Are Thinking About this Hot IPO

06/19/15 - 10:37 AM EDT

Fitbit shares continued to outpace the market on Friday, and investors seem to believe there's more room to run.

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Why Fitbit Is Now Worth $6 Billion

06/18/15 - 04:04 PM EDT

Fitbit shares open Thursday at $30.40, good for a 52% gain, and the company is now worth more than $6 billion.

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5 Cool Pictures From Fitbit's Big IPO

06/18/15 - 11:22 AM EDT

Fitbit shares opened trading Thursday at $30.40, a 52% gain that would value the company at a whopping $6.2 billion. Here are five awesome pictures from the company's IPO.

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Bill Simmons Going to Time Warner's HBO Would Be Huge

06/17/15 - 01:17 PM EDT

If Bill Simmons ends up at HBO, then the tagline 'It's not TV. It's HBO.' no longer applies. The new tagline should be 'It's HBO and it's game over.'

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Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff Just Went on a Huge Tweet Storm About Why Facebook Inspires Him

06/17/15 - 07:53 AM EDT

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff admires Facebook and is willing to learn from it both personally and professionally -- here's why.

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Nintendo E3 - Star Fox, Zelda and More

06/16/15 - 12:54 PM EDT

Star Fox Zero, Zelda Triforce Heroes and Hyrule Warriors are just some of the major announcements from Nintendo at E3.

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9 Most Important E3 Announcements From Day One

06/16/15 - 10:29 AM EDT

E3 has been chock full of news. Xbox One backwards compatibility, Final Fantasy VII, Minecraft, HoloLens, Madden 16 and so much more!

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Why You Should Really Go See 'Jurassic World' if You Haven't Already

06/15/15 - 10:30 AM EDT

'Jurassic World' offers something few films today can offer -- hype that actually meets expectations.

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IBM Is Continuing to Build Its Analytics Business by Supporting Apache Spark

06/15/15 - 12:01 AM EDT

Apache will help companies achieve improved performance from certain applications, allowing them to load onto memory-intensive machines faster.

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Twitter's Best End Game Is Still an Acquisition by Google

06/12/15 - 09:29 AM EDT

Now that Dick Costolo is stepping down as Twitter CEO, the best option for Twitter still remains as part of a larger entity, with Google still the most obvious buyer.

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Twitter Rises as CEO Dick Costolo Steps Down, Jack Dorsey Takes Over

06/11/15 - 05:30 PM EDT

Twitter shares surged after the company announced CEO Dick Costolo would step down from the top spot, with co-founder Jack Dorsey returning to the company as interim CEO.

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Intel Continues to Push Diversity, Invests $125M in Four Businesses

06/09/15 - 12:30 PM EDT

The chipmaker has been at the forefront of efforts to create more diverse management teams at Silicon Valley companies.

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The Big News That Everyone Missed at the Apple Developer Conference

06/09/15 - 10:02 AM EDT

The biggest announcement from Apple that will likely have an impact on Google, Yahoo! and potentially even Facebook isn't a new music service, it's Siri.

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Apple WWDC -- 32 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Like You Were Actually There

06/09/15 - 07:00 AM EDT

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is home to some of the biggest announcements the company makes every year. Get an inside view with these pictures.

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Apple WWDC Live Blog -- What Does Apple Have in Store?

06/08/15 - 02:50 PM EDT

Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference today. TheStreet is live-blogging the event.

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Appleā€™s WWDC -- Bombshells Expected From the Tech Giant?

06/04/15 - 09:00 AM EDT

Apple hosts its developer conference next week. In the past, some bombshells were dropped but recent events largely have gone as expected, That could change at this year's conference, however.

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Twitter Investor Chris Sacca Lays Out His Thoughts on What the Service Should Be

06/03/15 - 02:28 PM EDT

Chris Sacca won't sit idly by, while every Tom, Dick and Harry opines on what Twitter could and should do to boost usage. Here are his thoughts.

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Why Yahoo!'s Streaming of an NFL Game for Free Is a Big Win for Marissa Mayer

06/03/15 - 11:47 AM EDT

Yahoo! getting an NFL game to stream for free on the web is an important moment for football fans, the tech world and the National Football League all together.

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Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Speakers Amid Overheating, Fire Risk

06/03/15 - 10:10 AM EDT

Apple announced it was voluntarily recalling its Beats Pill XL speakers, saying that the speakers may overheat and cause a fire in rare cases.

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Fitbit Updates IPO Pricing as Apple Watch Gets Set for Retail Launch

06/02/15 - 08:48 AM EDT

Fitbit updated its IPO filing, announcing it intends to raise $358 million in its initial public offering as the company competes with the likes of Apple, Jawbone and others.

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Intel Needed to Buy Altera but the Chipmaker Is Still Lagging Behind

06/01/15 - 08:58 AM EDT

Intel, the world's largest chipmaker, is zigging when everyone else is zagging with its agreement to buy Altera for $54 a share, or $16.7 billion.

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Avago's Purchase of Broadcom Heats Up Race For Smartphone Dominance

05/28/15 - 08:21 AM EDT

Avago Technologies' agreement to buy Broadcom for $37 billion, the largest semiconductor deal so far, shows the race for dominance in Internet-connected smart devices is heating up.

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Broadcom Shares Surge on Reports Avago May Buy Chipmaker

05/27/15 - 02:26 PM EDT

Shares of Broadcom surged after a report from The Wall Street Journal noted Avago Technologies, another chip company, is interested in acquiring the Irvine, Calif.-based Broadcom.

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Here's What It Looks Like Inside Tesla's Model S P85D

05/27/15 - 11:29 AM EDT

Running upward of $130,000, Tesla's Model S has everything you could want in a car. Here's what it looks like inside (and outside) the P85D version of the Model S.

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Mary Meeker's Presentation on State of the Internet in 2015

05/27/15 - 11:16 AM EDT

The famous technology analyst has put out her long-awaited presentation on the state of the Internet for 2015, and it's a big one.

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Tesla Model S P85D Review -- Even Superman Would Be Jealous

05/27/15 - 11:09 AM EDT

I finally got a chance to test drive the the Tesla Model S P85D, and after eight long months I can say it was worth the wait.

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Apple Car -- What Does Goldman Sachs Think About a Car From the Biggest Company In the World?

05/26/15 - 11:15 AM EDT

Companies like Google, Uber, Lyft, Tesla and others are changing the way we think about vehicles and how we get from Point A to Point B. But what about Apple?

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Why Twitter Investor Chris Sacca Is Changing His Stance on the Social Network

05/22/15 - 10:19 AM EDT

Twitter has had its fair share of critics since going public in November 2013, but now a major investor is going after the micro-blogging social network.

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NXP Shoots Higher on iPhone 6 Demand; Cramer Calls It 'Must Own'

05/21/15 - 02:58 PM EDT

Shares of Dutch semiconductor company NXP Semiconductor rise sharply as the company benefits from the rise in mobile payments.

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Apple's iPhone 6 Is More Dominant Than Anyone Thought

05/21/15 - 10:22 AM EDT

Apple's iPhone sales won't be slowing down anytime soon. Here's what analysts have to say about Apple as a company and a stock.

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Twitter Wants to Remind You It Does a Lot of Video, Too

05/20/15 - 01:51 PM EDT

As 2015 becomes the year of video, with Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and others entering or increasing their positions, Twitter wants you to remember it too is in the game.

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Yahoo! Investors Don't Need to Worry About the IRS

05/20/15 - 08:51 AM EDT

Yahoo! investors may have constant concerns about the company's core business grinding to a halt, but a spinoff of its remaining stake in Alibaba shouldn't add to the worries.

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Yahoo! Shares Fall Sharply on No Apparent News

05/19/15 - 04:39 PM EDT

Yahoo! shares fell sharply a few minutes before the market close on Tuesday and no one is entirely sure why.

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Apple May Not Be Building Its Own TV, but It Can Still Win the Living Room

05/19/15 - 10:27 AM EDT

If you had hopes of buying an Apple television set anytime soon, you're likely to be disappointed. But that doesn't mean Apple won't eventually control your living room.

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Why Marissa Mayer Believes Yahoo! Can Help Reinvent Mobile Search

05/19/15 - 09:47 AM EDT

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer continues to believe that search on mobile needs a reinvention and the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company is the one to do it.

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IBM Invests in Watson Ecosystem, Sinking Money Into WayBlazer, SellPoints

05/19/15 - 07:30 AM EDT

IBM continues to use Watson not just as a sales point but as a way to change how business is done.

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Apple Car Is Definitely Coming -- Just Ask Carl Icahn

05/18/15 - 12:12 PM EDT

The big takeaway from Carl Icahn's letter to Apple isn't just about buying back more stock -- it's that Icahn believes Apple is going to build its own car.

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Facebook Sees Video as 'the Next Frontier' and Here's What It Plans to Do About It

05/18/15 - 11:40 AM EDT

As Facebook continues to push towards video views in its quest to take on YouTube, the company is increasingly looking at video as the next frontier.

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New Steve Jobs Movie Trailer Is Out, and It Looks Awful

05/18/15 - 09:24 AM EDT

If you're expecting to 'think different' when you see the new Steve Jobs biopic, think again.

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Netflix's China Move Is a Game Changer but It Won't Be Easy

05/15/15 - 11:08 AM EDT

Netflix potential expansion into China is an enormous opportunity for the company, even if it's going to come with unknown costs and bumps and bruises.

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Candy Crush and King Digital Aren't What They Used to Be -- What Wall Street's Saying

05/15/15 - 10:02 AM EDT

King Digital has had a rough time since going public. That's due to the nature of the mobile gaming business, which increasingly relies on hits that are difficult to replicate.

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Amazon Echo Just Unveiled a New Way to Get You to Shop More

05/14/15 - 04:28 PM EDT

Amazon is continuously updating its innovative speaker, codenamed Amazon Echo and now it's taking things one step further -- the ability to order by voice.

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Cisco Is Hoping for an Increase in Spending That May Never Come -- What Wall Street's Saying

05/14/15 - 09:09 AM EDT

Cisco continues to plod along, hoping (but not counting) on an increase in spending from its customers that may never come.

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Cisco CFO -- 'We'll Continue to Be Very Acquisitive in the Future'

05/13/15 - 06:43 PM EDT

Though Cisco continues to see weakness in major emerging markets, the switching and networking giant is confident that it's positioned well in emerging markets overall.

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Nintendo World Championships Are Back After a 25-Year Hiatus

05/13/15 - 01:54 PM EDT

As part of its return after 25 years to the biggest video game expo of the year, E3, Nintendo announced that its bringing back World Championships after a 25-year hiatus.

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Twitter Shares Rise on News of CFO Noto's Insider Buy

05/13/15 - 08:52 AM EDT

Twitter shares were rising Wednesday morning on news the company's CFO, Anthony Noto, recently purchased shares.

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Zillow's Acquisition of Trulia Off to Strong Start With 35% Jump in Revenue

05/12/15 - 05:08 PM EDT

Zillow Group continues to work on integrating its recently completed acquisition, with first-quarter results proving the Trulia purchase has been a success -- at least initially.

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Cisco Third-Quarter Earnings Are Chambers' Last -- What Wall Street's Saying

05/12/15 - 12:49 PM EDT

In John Chambers' last hurrah as Cisco CEO, investors will be looking to hear whether the company's problems in China and competition from Facebook are having a big impact.

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Is Verizon Doing the Right Thing by Buying AOL for $4.4 Billion?

05/12/15 - 11:24 AM EDT

Verizon may be trying to recreate history as it moves to own both content delivery and the content itself, acquiring AOL for more than $4 billion.

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Apple in Environmental Push, Vows to Address Pollution in China

05/11/15 - 09:39 AM EDT

Apple is increasingly placing importance on its environmental impact, which is also likely to impact its bottom line.

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What Bill Simmons Leaving ESPN Means to Me and Everyone Else

05/08/15 - 11:43 AM EDT

Bill Simmons leaving ESPN is a sad day, but also a testament of how hard he works, and what a bright future lies ahead.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Fitbit's Impending IPO

05/07/15 - 04:30 PM EDT

Fitbit just recently filed to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. Here are five things to know about the upcoming IPO.

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Deflategate Is a Nightmare That Never Ends and Only Gets Worse

05/07/15 - 11:10 AM EDT

It's all about the Shield -- otherwise known as the NFL logo. Except it isn't. It's about jealousy and incompetence, all of which starts at the top.

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3 Biggest Takeaways From Tesla's First-Quarter Earnings

05/07/15 - 09:21 AM EDT

Tesla got production issues under control, helping the company in the long term, but investors are likely to be concerned about quarterly fluctuations and cash burn in the short term.

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Tesla Earnings Live Blog -- Can Elon Musk Keep the Momentum Going?

05/06/15 - 05:33 PM EDT

Tesla Motors is slated to report first quarter earnings Wednesday, with investors hoping momentum can continue.

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Tesla Earnings -- What Investors Will Be Looking for

05/05/15 - 09:48 AM EDT

Tesla has managed to bring the sizzle and the steak to investors, and it's looking to build on that momentum.

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Ira Sohn Conference Live Blog -- What Do Wall Street's Biggest Names Have to Say?

05/04/15 - 04:41 PM EDT

The Ira Sohn Conference is the hedge fund industry's most prestigious conference, with the likes of Bill Ackman, Jeffrey Gundlach and others slated to speak and give investing ideas.

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Cisco Replaces John Chambers as CEO, Chuck Robbins to Take Over

05/04/15 - 08:51 AM EDT

Cisco shares fell after the company announced Chuck Robbins would replace John Chambers as CEO, effective July 26, with Chambers set to become executive chairman.

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Apple, IBM Announce Deal to Bring iPads and Apps to Japan's Elderly

04/30/15 - 09:09 AM EDT

Apple CEO Tim Cook says a new program to deliver iPads and specialized apps to Japan's elderly will 'leave a ding in the universe.'

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Apple May Have Dropped a Huge Hint About Its Next New Product

04/29/15 - 11:12 AM EDT

Most are focusing on Apple's iPhone sales and how it's doing in China, but they may have missed an important hint about Apple's role in television.

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Twitter Falls Sharply as Revenue Misses Estimates Amid Leak

04/28/15 - 04:42 PM EDT

Twitter shares fell sharply amid an earnings leak of the social networking service's first-quarter earnings.

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Apple Earnings Blog -- All About That Buyback and iPhone, Too

04/27/15 - 04:56 PM EDT

Apple reported fiscal second-quarter earnings after the bell Monday.

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Facebook Unveils Video Calling in Messenger, Expanding Its Capabilities

04/27/15 - 02:31 PM EDT

Facebook, looking to expand the usage of its popular Messenger platform, has announced it will allow users to make video calls inside Messenger.

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Apple's Earnings -- What Does It Do for an Encore?

04/27/15 - 11:13 AM EDT

Apple destroyed its first-quarter estimates -- but where does it go from here?

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Tesla's Battery Opportunity Could Be Worth More Than Wall Street Thinks

04/27/15 - 11:04 AM EDT

Tesla Motors is working to build a presence in your driveway, but the company's biggest opportunity may be having one in your home.

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Microsoft's Strong Quarter Led by the Cloud -- 3 Biggest Takeaways

04/24/15 - 09:24 AM EDT

Microsoft's push to be everywhere and anywhere, whatever the device, is working -- and it's even generating revenue.

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Apple Watch -- Here Are the Top 5 Things to Know Before Buying It

04/24/15 - 08:53 AM EDT

While not inclusive of every question one might have prior to ordering the Apple Watch, there's a good post on Quora, detailing the top 5 things to know before buying.

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Microsoft Third-Quarter Earnings Preview: What Wall Street's Saying

04/23/15 - 11:47 AM EDT

Microsoft reports fiscal third-quarter earnings later today. Here's what analysts are saying ahead of the results.

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Dish's Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch Talks Comcast, ESPN and How to Do Streaming

04/23/15 - 10:51 AM EDT

Sling TV has become one of the most interesting things in tech and media. TheStreet interviews Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch.

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IBM Announces New Data Center in Netherlands To Expand Cloud Push

04/22/15 - 03:14 PM EDT

Following the recent progress of its cloud computing business, IBM announced its SoftLayer subsidiary has opened a second cloud data center in the Netherlands.

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3 Biggest Takeaways From Yahoo!'s Sort of Lousy Quarter

04/22/15 - 10:09 AM EDT

Yahoo!'s core business continues to be a problem, but investors are willing to look past that - for now - as long as CEO Marissa Mayer gives them treats.

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Fuller House Is Coming -- 5 Cult TV Shows We Really Wish Netflix Would Bring Back

04/21/15 - 12:14 PM EDT

Netflix needs to revive these five cult classic television shows: Beverly Hills, 90210; Six Feet Under; Twin Peaks; Alias; and Lost.

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3 Biggest Takeaways From IBM's Ho-Hum First Quarter

04/21/15 - 09:41 AM EDT

IBM's first-quarter results don't shock anyone, and that may be a sign the Armonk, N.Y.-based company is on a slow, winding road to recovery.

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Yahoo! Is Running on a Treadmill to Nowhere

04/21/15 - 09:33 AM EDT

Yahoo! earnings probably won't surprise anyone on Wall Street because the core business is still struggling and shares will likely move more on any updates of its Alibaba spinoff.

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'Star Wars' Crushes 'Batman v. Superman' -- and It's Not Even Close

04/20/15 - 12:58 PM EDT

'Star Wars' crushed 'Batman v. Superman' and it wasn't even close. It's a runaway victory for LucasFilm.

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IBM's Plan to Reinvent Itself Isn't Going to Happen Overnight

04/20/15 - 10:33 AM EDT

IBM is taking steps to fix itself, but the plan to reinvigorate the top line is going to take several quarters, with little progress expected immediately.

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Apple Highlights Eco-Friendly Achievements With New Video

04/20/15 - 09:25 AM EDT

Following last year's Earth Day, Apple again has highlighted the achievements it's made in improving the environment.

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Star Wars Vs. Batman and Superman -- Which Movie Has You More Excited?

04/17/15 - 09:55 AM EDT

It's Walt Disney's LucasFilm vs. Time Warner's DC Comics is an epic battle that only one company can win.

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Netflix Hits All-Time High on Huge Subscriber Growth: What Wall Street's Saying

04/16/15 - 12:13 PM EDT

Netflix continues to boost subscribers at an extraordinarily high rate, adding 4.88 million subscribers in the first quarter, well above Wall Street's expectations.

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Why Apple Is Placing Such a Big Emphasis on Going Green

04/16/15 - 08:47 AM EDT

What separates Apple from other tech companies is the company not only cares about its products, but the environmental footprint of them as well.

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Intel's Second Half May Be Better Than First Thought: What Wall Street's Saying

04/15/15 - 09:23 AM EDT

Though Intel's fortunes are still largely tied to the weakening PC market, the chipmaker's prospects for the second half of the year may be better than originally expected.

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Zillow Blames Federal Trade Commission for Weak 2015 Outlook, Citing Long Review Process

04/14/15 - 10:54 AM EDT

Shares of Zillow fall sharply after the company cuts its 2015 revenue and adjusted-earnings guidance following its protracted merger with Trulia.

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Netflix Is Now Going Head to Head Against HBO, but Will It Matter?

04/14/15 - 09:39 AM EDT

Investors will be looking for clues from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and team to see whether there's been a noticeable impact of any kind from HBO Now.

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference to Kick Off on June 8

04/14/15 - 09:09 AM EDT

Apple announces that its Worldwide Developers Conference will run from June 8 to June 12 at San Francisco's Moscone West.

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IBM Adds Apple, Others to Watson Partnership, Unveils Watson Health Cloud

04/13/15 - 05:00 PM EDT

IBM is unveiling a Watson Health Cloud platform that incorporates partnerships with Apple and others to give people a more complete look at their health.

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Qualcomm Has a Huge Target on It From Jana Partners -- Here's the Investor Letter in Its Entirety

04/13/15 - 03:29 PM EDT

Jana Partners sent a letter to its investors regarding its Qualcomm investment. Here's the letter in its entirety.

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Intel's First-Quarter Results May Set Tone for Rest of the Year

04/13/15 - 01:05 PM EDT

Intel cut first-quarter guidance last month, but investors will be looking to see how the PC market is shaping when Intel reports earnings.

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Apple Watch, New Emojis, and Why I Love Comic Book Movies: This Week's Tech Mailbag

04/10/15 - 01:03 PM EDT

This week's tech mailbag includes questions about everything from the Apple Watch to Johnny Cash to which new live-streaming app has legs.

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