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Why the 'Hybrid Cloud' Is So Important to IBM's Future

The tech giant's focus on selling customers a mix of public and private clouds -- a market it pegs at $100 billion -- is critical to IBM's turnaround plans.

Tesla's Secret 'Master Plan' -- A Look Back at How Elon Musk Has Transformed the Auto Industry

Everything that Tesla has done, including the astounding response to the Model 3, has stayed remarkably true to Elon Musk's original vision for the company.

Here's Why the Model 3 Is Tesla's 'iPhone Moment'

The reaction to Tesla's latest car, the $35,000 Model 3, is unlike anything we've seen since Apple introduced the first iPhone back in 2007.

Apple Turns 40 -- Here's the 7 Best Apple Products Ever

Apple has released some of the best-selling products of all time, revolutionizing whole industries in the process. Here's TheStreet's look at 7 of the best Apple products ever made.

Tesla's Model 3 Is Being Unveiled Tonight -- Here's Everything We Know So Far

Tesla is slated to unveil its mass-market Model 3 car later this week. Here's everything we know about the car so far.

#Build2016 -- Here's Everything Microsoft Announced at Its Huge Developer Conference

At its Build 2016 developer conference, the software giant said Windows 10 is 'off to the fastest adoption' of any version of Windows in history.

Why Tesla's Model 3 Could Be the Big Boost Shareholders Have Been Waiting For

If you're a Tesla shareholder, the upcoming Model 3 unveil could be the biggest thing since sliced bread, as demand may surprise some people.

Nintendo Is Bringing Its First Smartphone Game to the U.S. and Fans Couldn't Be More Excited

Nintendo is finally bringing its first smartphone game, Miitomo, to the U.S., a sign the company is taking mobile gaming seriously.

Yahoo! Is at War With a Major Hedge Fund and It's Not Going to End Pretty

Jeffrey Smith's hedge fund demands that the struggling Internet company appoint nine of his choices to its board.

Tesla's Model 3 Is Coming -- Here's How to Order It

Tesla is slated to unveil its latest vehicle, the Model 3, later this month. Ordering one right off the bat, however, can be a tricky task.

Here's Why Google Isn't Conceding the Cloud War to Amazon Just Yet

Alphabet's Google may be losing the battle to Amazon when it comes to the cloud, but the company's massive push suggests the war isn't over just yet.

Apple Goes Down Memory Lane With iPhone SE, but Can It Bring Back Sales?

Apple is attempting to juice iPhone sales with a 4-inch iPhone geared toward emerging markets and those who love the small screen.

This Overlooked Tidbit Was Apple's Most Important Announcement on Monday

Apple is pushing further into health tech with its CareKit, which may have been its most important non-product announcement.

Apple's Big March Event Live Blog -- A New iPhone and More

Apple is set to show off a new lower-end iPhone, a 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro and Apple Watch accessories at an event on Monday.

Apple's Big March Event -- A New iPhone and What Else to Expect

Tech giant Apple is hosting one of its special events on March 21, and here's what's likely to be announced.

Apple Employees' Favorite Perks -- Here Are 7 of the Best

While Apple isn't as well-known for its perks as Facebook and Google, it does still offer some great ones. Here are some of the best.

Photos: Here's What Tesla's Amazing New Showroom In New York City Looks Like

The electric car maker just opened up a new sales and service center in Red Hook, Brooklyn. TheStreet went for a visit to look at the impressive new location.

Apple's Big Event on Monday Might Not Boost the Stock as Much as You Think

There's a fair amount of optimism surrounding Apple's big event next week, but it may not do wonders for the stock as some are expecting.

Alphabet's New Hotshot CFO Could Be Behind Plan to Sell Boston Dynamics

Alphabet is reportedly selling its Boston Dynamics robotics unit. This could be all thanks to new CFO Ruth Porat.

Amazon's Audible Will Now Let You Share Sound Clips of Your Favorite Book Passages

Amazon's Audible unit will now let you share audio of your favorite book passages via email, text, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Apple Just Released an Awesome New iPhone Ad Starring Cookie Monster

'C' is for Cookie and 'I' is for iPhone in this hilarious new iPhone ad from Apple, starring Sesame Street's Cookie Monster.

Apple May Be Copying Samsung In This One Important Feature, But Will It Help Sales?

Apple may introduce wireless charging to iPhones as soon as next year, but will that wind up being a boost to sales?

Are FANG Stocks Still Worth Buying?
Are FANG Stocks Still Worth Buying?

03/15/16 - 12:05 PM EDT

Jim Cramer's FANG stocks -- Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet/Google -- collectively trounced the S&P 500 in 2015. Do they still have room to run?

John Oliver Just Explained the Apple/FBI Case In the Most Hilarious Way Possible

With Apple set to unveil a new iPhone next week ahead of its court hearing with the FBI over the encryption battle, John Oliver weighs in on 'Last Week Tonight.'

Here's One Key Area Where the iPhone 6s Still Dominates the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has received rave reviews for its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. However, the iPhone 6s still dominates when it comes to breakability.

Fitbit Blaze Review -- A Good Smartwatch But It Should Have Been Great

The Fitbit Blaze is a decent smartwatch at a good price point, but there are plenty of ways it could be better.

NFL Is Going Over-the-Top to Stream Games -- Could Facebook Get the Rights?

The NFL announced that it expects to stream Thursday Night Football soon over the internet. Could YouTube, Yahoo, or even Apple get the games?

Apple's iPhone Sales Could Surge Thanks to This One 'Tiny' Reason

The tech giant is betting on a smaller, cheaper version of the iPhone to help turn around a worrying slowdown in sales.

What's Your Favorite Apple Product of All Time? Take Our Poll

Apple has released a bunch of great products over the years, but which is your favorite? Let us know.

10 Nintendo Games We Desperately Want to See on Smartphones

Here are the 10 best Nintendo games we want to see on smartphones.

Why Facebook Is Obsessed with Getting This One New Feature Right

Facebook is hellbent on getting live streaming to work for it -- a move that could make its cash coffers plumper than a Christmas goose.

Apple Sends Out Invites For Big March 21 Event

The tech giant has just sent out invitations for its event in Cupertino, where it's expected to announce a new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch accessories.

Facebook Is Shaking Up the Networking Market With Its Cisco Killer

Facebook announces a partnership with data center company Equinix that could upend the networking market.

Jeff Bezos Plans to Take Rich Tourists Into Outer Space Within Two Years

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who's also the founder of Blue Origin, intends to bring space travel to the wealthy as soon as 2018.

Meet Connie, the Robot That Could Make Your Next Vacation Easier

Robot butlers may be closer than you think, as IBM and Hilton team up to introduce 'Connie,' the first Watson-enabled concierge.

Apple Suppliers Had Big Decline in February Sales

Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White noted his Apple Monitor index reported a 35% decline in February sales, but the drop appears to have been seasonal.

Apple Loses $450 Million E-Book Battle as Supreme Court Denies Appeal

Apple lost a battle after the Supreme Court denies to hear Apple's appeal, meaning it will pay $450 million as part of a settlement.

Apple Shares Could Rise Almost 40% -- Here's Why

With tech stocks on the upswing, Credit Suisse has put out a list of of its top investment ideas, with Apple taking one the top spots in the hardware space.

Watch Google's Adorable Robo-Dog Interact With a Real-Life Pooch

Alphabet's Boston Dynamics unit has some new videos showcasing its robots -- this time of its mechanical dog Spot.

Tesla's Model X Is Mind Blowing in How Awesome It Is

Tesla showed off the Model X to drivers with reservations and the press in New York last week. Its SUV is everything Tesla claimed it would be and then some.

Amazon Unveils Two New, Cheaper Echo Devices

Amazon announced two new devices, Amazon Tap and the Echo Dot, as the company expands its efforts to become the voice-controlled hub of your future.

Disney Just Got Upgraded Thanks to Star Wars and Marvel

Shares of Disney have taken a pounding over the past year, but now is the time to buy says one analyst, thanks to an increased focus on movies.

How Virtual Reality Is Going to Change Your Life

Virtual reality and augmented reality have gone from tech geek dream to reality. What are the differences, though, and why should you care?

Move Over Netflix -- HBO Is Coming for You

HBO CEO Richard Plepler announced that HBO is expanding its over-the-top offering, announcing platforms in Brazil and Argentina.

Want to Try Hacking the Pentagon? Now's Your Chance

If you've ever wanted to get back at Uncle Sam and try to "screw the man," now's your chance.

Why Facebook Is Loved by Credit Suisse (Plus Two Other Internet Stocks They Love)

With tech stocks experiencing a rebound recently, Credit Suisse has come up with a list of its top Internet investment recommendations, including Facebook and Alphabet.

Apple Stock Soars, FANG Stocks Are Back
Apple Stock Soars, FANG Stocks Are Back

03/01/16 - 05:28 PM EST

Apple shares soared on Tuesday as the company testified before Congress about the government's efforts to get Apple to open up an iPhone.

Apple Shares End Sharply Higher as Battle Continues on Capitol Hill

Apple finished higher after its general counsel testified before Congress about the government's attempt to get Apple to open up an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Zynga Is Hitting the Reset Button Again as Mark Pincus Steps Down as CEO

Zynga has announced that co-founder Mark Pincus is stepping down again as CEO, returning to be executive chairman, with EA veteran Frank Gibeau taking over.

Apple Handed Early Win in Hacking Case With Judge's Ruling in New York

Apple has vigorously defended itself against the federal government and the FBI in the San Bernardino hacking case and one New York judge is siding with Apple.

Here's Who The Real Winner of This Year's Oscars Was

Maybe it's not 'Hooray for Hollywood' anymore, but Hooray for Silicon Valley instead. Here's how the Oscars played out on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Here's Google's Freaky Robot That Everyone Is Talking About

Alphabet's Boston Dynamics unit just showed off a new robot that everyone is talking about.

15 Amazing Quotes From Steve Jobs on How to Succeed in Life

Despite his passing more than four years ago, Steve Jobs continues to influence our lives. To celebrate his birthday, here are 15 incredible quotes on how to succeed in life.

Apple Hints at Acquisitions During Shareholder Meeting; Cook Promises to Boost Dividend

Apple may be about to go on a buying spree on some smaller technology companies, particularly if the stock market takes another leg lower.

Apple Not Backing Down in Fight Against the FBI

Apple isn't taking the issue with the federal government lightly over whether to unlock one of its iPhones, with CEO Timothy D. Cook vigorously defending the company.

Tesla's Model X Has a Secret You're Going to Love

There's a fun Easter egg in Tesla's new SUV that will leave you saying, 'May the Schwartz be with you.'

Facebook Is Doing Some Incredible Things With Artificial Intelligence

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a video on his page where he demonstrated what the company is working on with photo recognition and understanding voice commands.

Will Too Many Ads Drive Away Instagram Users?

Instagram is rapidly increasing both its number of users and advertisers, but risks alienating users as its begins to show more and more ads.

Instagram Is Proving to Be Well Worth Its $1 Billion Price Tag

With more than 200,000 advertisers now spending money on Instagram, Facebook's decision to purchase the popular photo-sharing service looks smarter by the day.

Here's Why Fitbit Is Crashing Near a 52-Week Low

Fitbit devices may prove beneficial for your health, but right now, its shares may need a warning from the Surgeon General.

Fitbit Crashes Near 52-Week Low as Guidance Comes In Weak

Fitbit shares plunged after the fitness and health company said first quarter revenue would fall well short of what Wall Street was expecting.

Samsung Is Trying a Novel Approach to Compete Against Apple, but Will it Work?

Instead of just unveiling the S7 and the S7 Edge to combat the iPhone's dominance, Samsung also hyped up two ancillary products -- the Gear VR and the Gear 360.

IBM Pushes Deeper Into the Cloud, Announcing VMware Deal and Expanded Apple Relationship

As IBM continues to move its software and services into the cloud, the company announced several key deals at its cloud conference, including one with VMware.

Facebook May Be About to Take the Wraps Off Its Next Big Money Maker

Facebook may be about to throw open the revenue-generating spigot on its 800 million-member-strong Messenger.

Donald Trump Wants You to Boycott Apple
Donald Trump Wants You to Boycott Apple

02/21/16 - 02:42 PM EST

Despite being a fan of the company and its products, Donald Trump has called for a boycott of Apple over its refusal to unlock its phones for the FBI.

Facebook Messenger May Get Ads, But Do You Want Them? Poll

Facebook Messenger may be about to get ads, but will consumers mind?

Apple and Tim Cook Are Right to Say No To the Government, Say 70% of TheStreet Readers

A strong majority surveyed in a TheStreet poll this week sided with Apple and CEO Tim Cook on privacy issues.

Why Google and Apple Make Strange Bedfellows When It Comes to Privacy

Despite Apple co-founder Steve Jobs having wanted to have a 'thermonuclear war' with Alphabet over its Android operating system, there's one thing the companies can agree on: privacy.

Twitter Just Made Sharing GIFs in Tweets Incredibly Easy

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced users can now easily search for and insert GIFs as it continues to try to make the service more user-friendly.

Bill Simmons Is Finally Going to Be Writing Again -- Here's Where It'll Be

Noted sports writer Bill Simmons finally made an announcement that he's launching his own website,

Apple Doubles Down In Fight Against Government, Says Will Not Unlock iPhones

Tim Cook said agreeing to a court order in California to help the FBI unlock the phone of the San Bernardino gunman would set a "dangerous precedent."

Here's Why Rackspace Is Truly the Worst Stock In the World

Rackspace is waging a losing battle against the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft. This post is part of TheStreet's ongoing search to find the Worst Stock in the World.

How 'Deadpool' Surprised Everyone and Destroyed Box Office Records

Fox's 'Deadpool' just had the most successful R-rated movie opening of all time, pulling in about $150 million domestically this weekend. How did no one see this coming?

For Tesla, All Eyes Turn to the Model 3, the Company's $35,000 Mass-Market Vehicle

For Tesla investors, this isn't just about the company's fourth-quarter results, it's about the company's future and perhaps the future of the electric car industry.

Here's Why You Should Buy Tesla Right Now

If you don't believe the world is going to hell in a hand basket, one analyst believes you buy Tesla.

Zillow Beats Q4 Expectations, Details News Corp. Lawsuit Expenses

Zillow Group fourth quarter results beat analysts' expectations, but the company detailed the significant expenses set aside for its News Corp. lawsuit, hurting sentiment.

Tesla Isn't Feeling the Pain From Weak Global Economy, Unlike Apple

Apple's Tim Cook has said 'extreme conditions' are affecting many of its major markets, but Tesla says international economic woes haven't impacted orders -- at least not yet.

Tesla's Elon Musk Just Told Us When We'll Be Able to Order the $35,000 Model 3

Tesla's future largely rides on the successful launch of the Model 3, its $35,000 mass-market vehicle. You'll be able to pre-order one sooner than you think.

Tesla Earnings Live Blog -- Will We Get News On the Model 3?

Tesla's fourth-quarter results aren't just about the results -- they're about the company's future and, perhaps even bigger than that, the future of the electric vehicle industry.

HBO Now Is Growing, but Not as Fast as You Think

HBO Now, HBO's over-the-top streaming service, has acquired 800,000 subscribers in its first eight months of existence. That's not enough, though.

Cisco Earnings Preview -- What Wall Street's Saying

Cisco Systems may not be the Internet pioneer it once was, but its performance is still one of the best ways to measure the global economy and check its direction.

Twitter Continues to Grow Valuable Data Business, Teaming Up With Selerity

Nearly a year after Twitter was impacted by Selerity releasing Twitter's earnings early, the two companies have joined up to allow Selerity users searchable access to tweets.

Zuckerberg Unhappy About India's Plan to Ban A Key Facebook Service

Facebook received a big blow earlier today when India announced its Free Basics service has been banned in India.

Super Bowl 50 Poll -- Who Do You Think Will Win?

A match-up between the vaunted Denver Bronco defense and the incredibly well-rounded Carolina Panthers is ahead for the right to win Super Bowl 50. So who wins?

Super Bowl 50 Is Almost Here -- 5 Top Apps to Help You Enjoy the Big Game

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner. Here are five apps chosen by TheStreet to help make your experience more enjoyable

Super Bowl 50 Poll -- Who Will Win the MVP Award?

Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos is right around the corner. Will Cam Newton, Peyton Manning or someone else shine the brightest in the big game?

GoPro Plunges Even Further Into the Abyss -- What Wall Street's Saying

After slashing fourth-quarter estimates in January, GoPro still missed Wall Street expectations and also gave guidance that shows a turnaround isn't happening any time soon.

Facebook Just Turned 12 -- Here Are Some of the Best Reasons to Work There

Facebook, which turns 12 today, is known for how well it treats its employees. Here are some of the top perks that come with working there.

Wall Street Hates Marissa Mayer's Latest Plan to Save Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer is trying her damnedest to turn around Yahoo!, while keeping an open mind about selling the core business. Wall Street isn't impressed, though.

Fitbit Just Announced a Major New Product

The company hopes the Alta, which is replacing the Charge in the everyday fitness category, will help turn around its struggling stock.

Here's Why Alphabet Is Now More Valuable Than Apple

There's a new king in Silicon Valley and its name is Alphabet. Here's what five top Wall Street analysts had to say about the quarter.

So Marissa, What's the Plan to Save Yahoo! This Time?

Yahoo! needs a savior. But how much more time are investors willing to give Marissa Mayer to figure things out?

Just How Much Money Does Google Make? We're About to Find Out

Alphabet is slated to report its earnings in a new way after the bell, allowing us to finally get to see how profitable Google really is.

Apple’s Virtual Reality Plans Take Shape With Cook Comments, Reports of ‘Secret' Team

Comments from Cook put Apple's potential plans for virtual reality into the spotlight, at a time when Apple's sales growth is slowing and VR is about to take off.

Microsoft Gets a Nice Boost From the Cloud -- What Wall Street's Saying

Microsoft is showing that its cloud offerings are helping not just the top line, but moving Microsoft into direct competition with Amazon.

Facebook By the Numbers -- Here's How Enormous It Really Is

Facebook is an absolute advertising monster, with 1.6 billion people using it every month. A closer look, however, shows how huge it really is.

How Much Are You Worth to Facebook? It Depends On Where You Live

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, Facebook doesn't just like' you -- it loves you.

Microsoft Earnings -- Here's What 5 of Wall Street's Best Analysts Expect

Microsoft's fiscal second quarter is expected to show that CEO Satya Nadella's plan to position Microsoft everywhere, especially in the cloud, is working at a steady pace.

Apple Drops on iPhone Worries -- What Wall Street's Saying

Apple shares were taking a hit after the world's largest company reported mixed fiscal first quarter results and said revenues for the March quarter wouldn't grow compared to last year.

Apple Doesn't Expect Growth Next Quarter -- Here's Why

For the first time in over a decade, Apple isn't expecting quarterly revenues to grow compared to the previous year, a troubling sign for investors.

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