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Chris Ciaccia

Technology Editor

Chris Ciaccia joined TheStreet as a technology reporter in November 2011.

Prior to TheStreet, Chris covered markets for and also worked as an analyst at GMAC and at Laurus Capital Management. Chris has a bachelor's degree in finance from Seton Hall University.

Chris Ciaccia
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How Watson Can Spark a Data-Driven R&D Revolution

By Chris Ciaccia

IBM is announcing the IBM Watson Discovery Advisor, which will help innovators and entrepreneurs get answers to questions that are currently without answers.

09:00PM 08/27/14

Here Are the Top 5 Games on Twitch Right Now

By Chris Ciaccia

As Amazon gets ready to purchase Twitch, here are some of the most watched games on the streaming service.

12:14PM 08/26/14

How MobileEye Drives Auto Industry to Its ‘iPhone Moment’

By Chris Ciaccia

As driverless cars become more present over the next several years, Wall Street believes that MobileEye is best positioned to benefit significantly from this trend.

09:14AM 08/26/14

How WhatsApp Will Help Make Facebook Money

By Chris Ciaccia

WhatsApp surpasses 600 million monthly active users, but the world's largest messaging app is just beginning to monetize, as it seeks to move beyond the traditional SMS market.

09:47AM 08/25/14 Pops: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia continues to show there is life in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business, as fiscal second-quarter revenue rises 38%, curbing some doubt on Wall Street.

10:36AM 08/22/14

Why Apple's iPhone 6 Won't Be Late

By Chris Ciaccia

Despite having reported setbacks in its supply chain, Apple will still be able to get the iPhone out on time.

09:27AM 08/22/14

Why HP's PC Sales Gains May Not Last

By Chris Ciaccia

Though HP has broken its streak of 11 consecutive quarterly revenue declines, that may not last more than a few more quarters, due to a flat to declining PC market.

09:20AM 08/21/14

Why Facebook and Twitter Continue to Get Bigger

By Chris Ciaccia

As the world turns increasingly mobile, both Facebook and Twitter continue to be huge beneficiaries of time spend, and it's only getting bigger.

10:58AM 08/20/14

HP Preview: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

HP continues to remake itself under CEO Meg Whitman, slashing costs and boosting sales of personal computers, so it can afford to wait for other sectors to catch up.

03:00PM 08/19/14

Google 10 Years After IPO Continues to Reshape the Future

By Chris Ciaccia

Google went public as a search engine 10 years ago Tuesday, and in that time it has drastically changed the world, touching all facets of technology.

08:14AM 08/19/14

How Tesla Is Changing the Electric Auto Industry Again

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla keeps adding to ways people rethink about the automotive industry, modifying the warranty on the Model S drive unit to unlimited mileage and the battery pack for eight years.

02:54PM 08/18/14

Tesla's Model X: Everything We Know

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla Motors upcoming Model X may blow past both investor and consumer expectations, despite having reinvigorated excitement in the automotive industry with its Model S.

08:00AM 08/16/14

Why Alibaba's Accounting Woes Won't Derail the IPO Train

By Chris Ciaccia

The revelation that a company Alibaba has a stake in now has accounting irregularities, isn't likely to delay its IPO, slated to happen later this year, according to investors.

09:19AM 08/15/14

Cisco Plunges: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Cisco continues to see emerging market weakness, noticeably in China, where Cisco CFO Frank Calderoni said Sino-American relations are hurting the company, forcing an additional 6,000 layoffs.

09:49AM 08/14/14

Cisco Drops on Job Cuts, Emerging Market Weakness

By Chris Ciaccia

Cisco shares fell in after-hours trading after the company said emerging markets would continue to remain weak, causing the company to cut another 6,000 jobs.

05:30PM 08/13/14

How Amazon Intends to Crush Square in Mobile Payments

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon is expanding into the payments industry to compete with PayPal and Square, potentially hurting profits and investors in the short term.

01:38PM 08/13/14

King Digital Candy Crushed: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

King Digital Entertainment saw its shares crushed after the company lowered guidance for the rest of the year, citing concerns about seasonality and the impact of the World Cup.

11:14AM 08/13/14

Cisco Preview: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Cisco is scheduled to report its fiscal fourth-quarter results and investors are keen to see whether the company can keep up its good fortunes seen recently.

02:58PM 08/12/14

Apple Looks to Juice Declining iPad Sales With IBM and Biz Apps

By Chris Ciaccia

Amid slowing iPad sales, Apple will be looking to reinvigorate growth from its second biggest product line. The next iPad may prove whether tablets will really overtake the PC.

09:19AM 08/12/14

Tesla May Be More Valuable Than Ever Imagined

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla Motors has been impressive since coming to the forefront of investors' minds in late 2012, but the opportunity ahead may be more impressive than anyone has imagined, so far.

09:01AM 08/11/14

How Tiger Woods Becomes Zynga's Last Hope for Glory

By Chris Ciaccia

As Zynga struggles to stay relevant among gamers, investors and the company's nearly 2,000 employees, the company is expanding into sports games, at the expense of its balance sheet.

10:30AM 08/09/14

Zynga Plunges: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Zynga's turnaround is taking longer than the company initially said it would, as the online games maker expands into sports and running games.

09:47AM 08/08/14

How Facebook Has a Huge Opportunity in China

By Chris Ciaccia

Facebook has grown to over 1.3 billion monthly active users, but the company has an enormous opportunity in China, a market it currently doesn't really exist in.

09:55AM 08/07/14

Why Zillow Sees Itself As an Online Real Estate Giant

By Chris Ciaccia

Shares of Zillow are down after the company posted quarterly results which were slightly worse than expected.

11:21AM 08/06/14

Groupon Plunges: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Groupon continues to see turmoil as it transitions its business model, and its outlook for the coming quarter reflects the uncertainty surrounding its future.

09:43AM 08/06/14

Zillow Shares Knocked Down on Earnings Miss

By Chris Ciaccia

Zillow continues to experience strength in the online real estate market, as the company saw revenue rise 68% year over year to a record $78.7 million.

05:02PM 08/05/14

Groupon Earnings Preview: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Groupon's second quarter will highlight how it is trying to remake itself from a daily deals Web site into an e-commerce company that can compete with the likes of Amazon.

11:11AM 08/05/14

Tesla Earnings: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla Motors continues to surprise investors on its way to producing 500,000 cars annually by 2020.

12:24PM 08/01/14

Tesla Q2 Earnings Live Blog

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla results may show that there's healthy demand around the world for the Model S, but the electric carmaker's upcoming plans for its Gigafactory are where investors should be focused.

05:07PM 07/31/14

WWE Network on Shaky Ground, Triggering Drastic Changes

By Chris Ciaccia

WWE's plans to get its transformational WWE Network to 1.4 million subscribers is going much slower than Wall Street expected, causing the company to cut 7% of its staff.

12:06PM 07/31/14

Why Tesla Needs the Gigafactory More Than Strong Model S Sales

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla's second-quarter results may continue to show that there's healthy demand for the Model S around the world, but the company's upcoming plans for its Gigafactory are more important.

08:41AM 07/31/14

Square Is Unveiling a Way to Help Cut Down on Credit Card Fraud

By Chris Ciaccia

Square is preparing small businesses for the EMV migration and industry shift to chip-enabled credit cards with a new reader and learning material.

09:00AM 07/30/14

Here's Why Twitter Is Surging In One Chart

By Chris Ciaccia

Twitter shares are surging because of one number, and one number only: 271 million monthly active users (MAUs).

08:55AM 07/30/14

Twitter Q2 Live Blog Recap

By Chris Ciaccia

Twitter investors were cheering after the company was able to accelerate user growth, following strong results from Facebook.

06:02PM 07/29/14

Is Amazon Trying To Do Too Much?

By Chris Ciaccia

The giant online retailer sells hardware, software - nearly everything you can think of and more. But, has Amazon lost its focus?

03:30PM 07/28/14

Zillow Bought Trulia Because 'the Stars Aligned'

By Chris Ciaccia

Zillow announced it is buying Trulia in a $3.5 billion in a stock-for-stock transaction as both companies come from a 'mutual position of strength,' according to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff.

09:43AM 07/28/14

Amazon Fire Phone Review: That's All Ya Got?

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon's Fire phone is an OK-at-best attempt at a smartphone, and consumers should wait until the second or third generation to consider purchasing the phone.

10:28AM 07/25/14

Amazon Earnings: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon earnings may show a re-acceleration in the company's all-important third-party business, as it continues to expand channels to sell consumers more goods.

12:15PM 07/24/14

Facebook's Blowout Earnings Are Even More Impressive Than You Thought

By Chris Ciaccia

Facebook's earnings show mobile advertising efforts are much stronger than anticipated, allowing it to generate margins other companies could only hope to dream about.

12:04PM 07/24/14

Facebook Q2 Earnings Live Blog Recap

By Chris Ciaccia

Facebook earnings blew past Wall Street estimates, as the social network continues to be a mobile advertising giant.

06:08PM 07/23/14

Sprint to Begin Offering Google Apps for Business

By Chris Ciaccia

Sprint teams with Google to start offering Google Apps for Business, as the company continues to focus on the changes in the work place and cater to the mobile worker.

01:00PM 07/23/14

Facebook's Hidden Jewel Proving to Be Boon for Shareholders

By Chris Ciaccia

Though Facebook advertising business is growing like weeds, the company's less talked about Open Computer Project is proving to be a boon to shareholders as well, though for different reasons.

10:00AM 07/23/14

Here's the Biggest Takeaway From Apple's Solid Earnings

By Chris Ciaccia

The big takeaway from Apple's earnings isn't the iPhone number, or how weak the iPad is, it was how strong the gross margins are.

09:25AM 07/23/14

Yahoo! Finance Is Betting on Tumblr for Finance

By Chris Ciaccia

Yahoo! is turning to its Tumblr platform as it seeks to boost engagement for Yahoo! Finance, allowing investors such as Carl Icahn and more to publish expert generated content.

09:00AM 07/23/14

Apple Q3 Earnings Live Blog Recap

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple reports fiscal third-quarter earnings after the close. While investors will be paying attention to the results, any hint on the next product cycle will likely garner more attention.

06:13PM 07/22/14

Why Satya Nadella's Vision Is More Important Than Microsoft's Earnings

By Chris Ciaccia

Microsoft investors will be looking less to the company's earnings and more towards how CEO Satya Nadella plans to keep Microsoft relevant in the future.

02:00PM 07/22/14

Apple's Ho-Hum Quarter Is a Set-Up to Its Biggest Product Launch Ever

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple shares have surged since it reported fiscal second-quarter earnings, and investors will be looking to see whether the iPhone units continue to be strong ahead of a refresh.

08:12AM 07/22/14

IBM Slumps: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

IBM shares slump as the company's service backlog continued to slip, despite reporting better-than-expected second-quarter results.

10:57AM 07/18/14

Google Surges: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Google's results demonstrate that even though cost-per-click continues to weaken year over year, the company's bundling efforts appear to be paying off even if they're taking longer than expected.

10:21AM 07/18/14

Google's Future Continues to Depend on Mobile Ads

By Chris Ciaccia

Google earnings will continue to be dependent on cost-per-click (CPC), and whether advertisers begin to understand the benefits of advertising on mobile devices sooner rather than later.

11:00AM 07/17/14

IBM Earnings Preview: What Wall Street's Thinking

By Chris Ciaccia

Though there's optimism surrounding the deal IBM made with Apple earlier this month, second-quarter earnings will continue show that the company has a lot of work to do.

10:06AM 07/17/14

Why Zillow Just Acquired Retsly

By Chris Ciaccia

Zillow announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Retsly, a Vancouver-based software maker that crunches real estate data from multiple listing services (MLS).

04:36PM 07/16/14

How Apple's Big Deal With IBM Hurts BlackBerry and Microsoft

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple's historic deal with IBM puts both companies at the forefront of enterprise budgets, but also crimps the moves BlackBerry and Microsoft have made in recent years.

11:41AM 07/16/14

Intel Soars: What Wall Street Thinks

By Chris Ciaccia

Intel shares soar after the world's largest chipmaker blows past its pre-announced second-quarter results and the company announces plans to buy back $20 billion in stock.

10:10AM 07/16/14

IBM, Apple Just Made an Historic Announcement for its Business Customers

By Chris Ciaccia

IBM announced it signed an exclusive deal with Apple to bring a new class of business apps-bringing IBM's big data and analytics capabilities to the iPhone and iPad.

06:08PM 07/15/14

For Yahoo!, Earnings Means More of the Same

By Chris Ciaccia

For Yahoo! investors, second-quarter earnings may wind up sounding like a broken record: The core business is stable, but not growing much, if at all, and it's all about Alibaba.

01:48PM 07/15/14

Apple's Almost Back: A Chart You Should See

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple's recovery from the fall in late 2012 and most of 2013 is nearly complete, as the company gets ready to launch new products later this year.

11:51AM 07/14/14

Why Apple Has Become a 'Bellwether' for 2014

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple shares ticked higher after Barclays upgraded the stock to 'overweight,' after having downgraded the stock in April for the first time in a decade.

09:08AM 07/14/14

Yahoo! Acquires RayV

By Chris Ciaccia

Yahoo! has acquired video broadcast start-up RayV, according to both companies.

04:19PM 07/11/14

How Amazon Drones Will Become 'Normal as Seeing Mail Trucks'

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon is intent on making delivery by drone a reality, as it battles with the Federal Aviation Administration, asking the government agency if it can start testing outside designated areas.

10:07AM 07/11/14

Apple TV Races to Regain Past Dominance as Roku, Google Take Lead

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple has lost market share in the domestic set-top box business, according to research firm Parks Associates, putting the world's largest company behind Roku and its largest rival, Google.

09:37AM 07/10/14

Zynga Names Regina Dugan to Board

By Chris Ciaccia

Zynga announced that Google Vice President of Engineering and leader of the Advanced Technology and Projects Dr. Regina E. Dugan is joining the company's board of directors.

04:00PM 07/09/14

Yahoo!'s Alibaba Cash Could Trigger a Buying Binge in Tech

By Chris Ciaccia

Following Alibaba's IPO, Yahoo! and CEO Marissa Mayer may be looking to put some of that money to work, buying companies that will boost both revenue and engagement.

09:12AM 07/09/14

Here's What It Looks Like Inside Tesla's Massive Factory

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla's plant in Fremont, Calif., is capable of producing more than 500,000 cars a year. Here's what it looks like inside.

08:15AM 07/08/14

Here's What It's Like to Work for Elon Musk

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla has taken the automotive industry by storm, and CEO Elon Musk has taken an innovative approach. Those who work for him say Musk 'will really ask you the impossible.'

08:00AM 07/08/14

Tesla Motors Q&A: Batteries, Superchargers, Gigafactory and More

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla continues to make shockwaves in the automotive industry, following the announcement it will open-source all of its patents.

09:06AM 07/07/14

SemiCon West, FOMC and Earnings Headline Market Action for the Week Ahead

By Chris Ciaccia

SemiCon West, the largest equipment event global Semiconductors, will be in focus for the Week Ahead.

01:39PM 07/03/14

Why IBM Is Worth $220 a Share

By Chris Ciaccia

One analyst thinks IBM has nearly 20% upside.

08:37AM 07/03/14

Zillow Expands Reach With MSN Deal

By Chris Ciaccia

Zillow continues to expand its reach for online real estate advertising, as the company announced it will now power the real estate search experience for MSN.

03:16PM 07/01/14

Why Twitter Shares Have Soared Over the Past Month

By Chris Ciaccia

Twitter appears to have heeded investors' cries for more engagement, as the company is doing more with its user base, including keeping users up to date on World Cup scores.

10:06AM 07/01/14

Apple iPhone Ad Sets Tone for Smart Home Products in the Pipeline

By Chris Ciaccia

Though Apple is pushing the iPhone with its latest series of ads, it appears as if the company is paving the way for what's to come in the company pipeline.

10:44AM 06/30/14

Transformers Engine Cranks, but Still Won't Start

By Chris Ciaccia

Transformers has historically been the biggest movie of the summer, but this one could've been so much, with just a little more work.

09:35AM 06/30/14

Why Apple Decided to Introduce New iPods

By Chris Ciaccia

Though the iPod has seen better days, Apple is looking to get perhaps one last boost of revenue from it before the company puts it out to pasture.

08:49AM 06/27/14

Google I/O Recap: What Wall Street Thinks

By Chris Ciaccia

Google demonstrates that it intends to be more like Apple, bringing together a more cohesive experience across Android and Chrome.

10:36AM 06/26/14

How Google May Yet Again Go After Apple

By Chris Ciaccia

Google seems intent on attacking Apple, reportedly getting set to announce a set-top box similar to Apple TV and Amazon's Fire TV even if the device won't move the needle.

11:54AM 06/25/14

Here's What We Think We Know About the Next iPad

By Chris Ciaccia

Amid slowing iPad sales, Apple will be looking to reinvigorate growth from its second biggest product line. The next iPad may prove whether tablets will really overtake the PC.

08:30AM 06/24/14

Here's What We Think We Know About the Next iPhone

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple's surging iPhone sales are a big reason why the company had better-than-expected fiscal-second quarter earnings. The next iPhone model may be even more important to the future of Apple.

10:46AM 06/23/14

How Yahoo! Screwed Up Flickr

By Chris Ciaccia

In 2005, Flickr was exploding in growth, but it needed cash. It faced two decisions -- either take venture capital money, or sell out and hope for the best.

08:30AM 06/21/14

Oracle Plunges: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Shares of Oracle plunge as the software maker misses earnings and revenue estimates.

11:41AM 06/20/14

How Amazon's Phone Is Different Than Anything Else It's Ever Done

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon's latest piece of hardware, the Fire phone, may be a push for the Internet giant to finally do what its critics have long asked it do: sell products at a profit, instead of at cost, or even a small loss.

11:38AM 06/19/14

How Intel Wants to Be More Than Just a Chip Company

By Chris Ciaccia

Intel traditionally is known as the world's largest chipmaker but it's trying to move into new areas. The company's messaging app, Pocket Avatar, is one of its many new initiatives.

10:30AM 06/19/14

Amazon Announces Fire Phone

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon unveiled the Fire phone in Seattle. The company continues to push its hardware on new and existing customers as it looks to sell additional content and media to boost sales.

02:26PM 06/18/14

How Etsy Is Helping Lead the Shift In E-Commerce

By Chris Ciaccia

Ahead of a potential initial public offering, Brooklyn-based Etsy has been expanding into new markets, particularly in Asia, as consumers clamor for items that are made by small businesses, and not mass market goods.

12:45PM 06/18/14

How Tesla Is Winning the War Against New Jersey

By Chris Ciaccia

After months of negotiations, a new law and a bit of good-old fashioned rallying, Tesla Motors is one step closer to coming back to New Jersey.

04:32PM 06/17/14

Why Would Anyone Want to Buy Yelp?

By Chris Ciaccia

Yelp may be the next company in play for larger tech firms seeking to increase their reach with users and local businesses. It's all because of one phrase -- User generated content.

08:15AM 06/17/14

Why Zillow's Rich Barton Believes in ‘Power to the People’

By Chris Ciaccia

Though Rich Barton currently is best known as Zillow's co-founder and executive chairman, he has more wins in his career of 20 or more years in Silicon Valley than most will have in a lifetime. He started and sold a number of companies. including Expedia, Zillow and Glassdoor, to name a few. What follows are highlights from an interview with Barton, including his thoughts on Microsoft and its new CEO Satya Nadella, net neutrality, the future of Netflix and what's next for him.

08:00AM 06/17/14

Fusion-io Soars Following SanDisk Buyout

By Chris Ciaccia

Shares of flash memory storage company Fusion-IO surge on news the company agreed to be acquired by memory giant SanDisk for $1.1 billion in cash.

08:42AM 06/16/14

How Tesla Wins on Elon Musk's 'Controversial' Patent Promise

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk delivered on his promise to bring something 'controversial' to Tesla, regarding its patents, making them available to anyone 'for the advancement of electric vehicle technology.' While that may further Musk's promise of electric vehicles being more prevalent than they are currently, it may prove to be an even better decision for the stock.

02:32PM 06/13/14

Intel Surges: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Intel shares surge in early trading after the world's largest semiconductor company raises its second-quarter revenue outlook as well as its gross margin outlook, noting higher PC unit volume as the primary cause.

12:48PM 06/13/14

E3 2014: Battlefield, Call of Duty Franchises Prove First Person Shooters Appeal

By Chris Ciaccia

The second full day of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2014 brought even more fervor to the Los Angeles Convention Center, as the world's biggest gaming convention rolled on. Two of the hottest and most anticipated titles, the latest in the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, represent some of the highest selling games ever.

08:00AM 06/12/14

E3 Roundup: The Best News From Day 2

By Chris Ciaccia

Following a successful soft launch on Monday that included an impressive presentation from Sony, the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo on Tuesday was a resounding success, as thousands of video game enthusiasts packed the Los Angeles Convention Center for the official kick off of E3.

08:00AM 06/11/14

How Sony Won E3 and Recaptured the Video Game World

By Chris Ciaccia

Though Sony has had recent troubles stemming from a failing television business, continued operating losses, and a battle with hedge fund Third Point over its direction, Sony has made sure its video game unit continues to capture the minds of gamers around the world. Judging by the reception at E3, it appears as if Sony has solidified its lead in the console wars, even if some of the bigger games for PlayStation 4 won't be out until 2015.

10:49AM 06/10/14

Fusion-io Q&A: Apple, Facebook, Merger Speculation

By Chris Ciaccia

Fusion-io, the flash memory maker once famous for its association with Apple, Facebook and Steve Wozniak, has fallen on hard times in recent years, as the state of the flash storage industry is in flux and the company goes through a restructuring. As the share price continues to decline, the chatter of a takeout increases, though that may not take place any time soon.

08:30AM 06/10/14

Apple and Nintendo: A Match Made in Purgatory

By Chris Ciaccia

It's no secret that Nintendo has had its struggles, as the Wii U gaming system has proved to be a flop and the rise of mobile games are increasingly taking attention away from traditional console gaming. While some look to Apple to be Nintendo's savior, it may not be so easy as that.

08:00AM 06/10/14

Why Uber Is Worth $17 Billion

By Chris Ciaccia

Ride-sharing company Uber just raised $1.2 billion in funding, giving it a $17 billion valuation, the second largest for a private company behind only Facebook FB, as the company continues to explode in popularity.

01:18PM 06/06/14

Apple Slowdown Not in the Cards This Year

By Chris Ciaccia

Even though the summer months are traditionally a slower time for Apple, it looks as if there's no slowdown this year, as May was a stronger month that it has been in previous years.

11:27AM 06/06/14

How Apple's iPhone Ad Hints at Its Next Big Thing

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone ad last night, targeted at health and fitness apps, showcasing all the tasks the iPhone can perform. Given the size of the health and fitness market now, it's clear investors are seeing this as the right move.

12:12PM 06/05/14

What Elon Musk Thinks of BMW's i3

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is never one to mince words, especially when it comes to the competition. Given that he's been critical of some of the electric cars out on the road before, it's no secret that he thinks Tesla could build something better than BMW's i3.

10:43AM 06/04/14

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