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Cisco Earnings Preview -- What Wall Street's Saying

Cisco Systems may not be the Internet pioneer it once was, but its performance is still one of the best ways to measure the global economy and check its direction.

For Tesla, All Eyes Turn to the Model 3, the Company's $35,000 Mass-Market Vehicle

For Tesla investors, this isn't just about the company's fourth-quarter results, it's about the company's future and perhaps the future of the electric car industry.

Twitter Continues to Grow Valuable Data Business, Teaming Up With Selerity

Nearly a year after Twitter was impacted by Selerity releasing Twitter's earnings early, the two companies have joined up to allow Selerity users searchable access to tweets.

Zuckerberg Unhappy About India's Plan to Ban A Key Facebook Service

Facebook received a big blow earlier today when India announced its Free Basics service has been banned in India.

Here's Why You Should Buy Tesla Right Now

If you don't believe the world is going to hell in a hand basket, one analyst believes you buy Tesla.

Super Bowl 50 Poll -- Who Do You Think Will Win?

A match-up between the vaunted Denver Bronco defense and the incredibly well-rounded Carolina Panthers is ahead for the right to win Super Bowl 50. So who wins?

Super Bowl 50 Is Almost Here -- 5 Top Apps to Help You Enjoy the Big Game

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner. Here are five apps chosen by TheStreet to help make your experience more enjoyable

Super Bowl 50 Poll -- Who Will Win the MVP Award?

Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos is right around the corner. Will Cam Newton, Peyton Manning or someone else shine the brightest in the big game?

GoPro Plunges Even Further Into the Abyss -- What Wall Street's Saying

After slashing fourth-quarter estimates in January, GoPro still missed Wall Street expectations and also gave guidance that shows a turnaround isn't happening any time soon.

Facebook Just Turned 12 -- Here Are Some of the Best Reasons to Work There

Facebook, which turns 12 today, is known for how well it treats its employees. Here are some of the top perks that come with working there.

Here's Why Rackspace Is Truly the Worst Stock In the World

Rackspace is waging a losing battle against the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft. This post is part of TheStreet's ongoing search to find the Worst Stock in the World.

15 Amazing Quotes From Steve Jobs on How to Succeed in Life

Despite his passing more than four years ago, Steve Jobs continues to influence our lives. Here are 15 incredible quotes on how to succeed in every facet of life.

Wall Street Hates Marissa Mayer's Latest Plan to Save Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer is trying her damnedest to turn around Yahoo!, while keeping an open mind about selling the core business. Wall Street isn't impressed, though.

Fitbit Just Announced a Major New Product

The company hopes the Alta, which is replacing the Charge in the everyday fitness category, will help turn around its struggling stock.

Here's Why Alphabet Is Now More Valuable Than Apple

There's a new king in Silicon Valley and its name is Alphabet. Here's what five top Wall Street analysts had to say about the quarter.

So Marissa, What's the Plan to Save Yahoo! This Time?

Yahoo! needs a savior. But how much more time are investors willing to give Marissa Mayer to figure things out?

NFL Is Going Over-the-Top to Stream Games -- Here's Who Could Get the Rights

The NFL announced that it expects to stream Thursday Night Football soon over the internet. Could YouTube, Yahoo, or even Apple get the games?

Just How Much Money Does Google Make? We're About to Find Out

Alphabet is slated to report its earnings in a new way after the bell, allowing us to finally get to see how profitable Google really is.

Apple’s Virtual Reality Plans Take Shape With Cook Comments, Reports of ‘Secret' Team

Comments from Cook put Apple's potential plans for virtual reality into the spotlight, at a time when Apple's sales growth is slowing and VR is about to take off.

Microsoft Gets a Nice Boost From the Cloud -- What Wall Street's Saying

Microsoft is showing that its cloud offerings are helping not just the top line, but moving Microsoft into direct competition with Amazon.

Facebook By the Numbers -- Here's How Enormous It Really Is

Facebook is an absolute advertising monster, with 1.6 billion people using it every month. A closer look, however, shows how huge it really is.

How Much Are You Worth to Facebook? It Depends On Where You Live

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, Facebook doesn't just like' you -- it loves you.

Microsoft Earnings -- Here's What 5 of Wall Street's Best Analysts Expect

Microsoft's fiscal second quarter is expected to show that CEO Satya Nadella's plan to position Microsoft everywhere, especially in the cloud, is working at a steady pace.

Apple Drops on iPhone Worries -- What Wall Street's Saying

Apple shares were taking a hit after the world's largest company reported mixed fiscal first quarter results and said revenues for the March quarter wouldn't grow compared to last year.

Apple Doesn't Expect Growth Next Quarter -- Here's Why

For the first time in over a decade, Apple isn't expecting quarterly revenues to grow compared to the previous year, a troubling sign for investors.

Facebook Earnings -- Here's What 5 of the Top Wall Street Analysts Expect

Facebook is slated to report fourth-quarter earnings on Wednesday. Investors expect big things in 2016 and beyond from the world's largest social network.

Apple Earnings Live Blog -- Will It Be as Bad as Wall Street Expects?

Apple is slated to report earnings after the close of trading on Tuesday, and Wall Street isn't expecting much from the world's most valuable company. TheStreet is live-blogging the results.

Facebook Is About to Show Off the Power of Its Future

Facebook shareholders are about to see not just the true earnings power of the big blue app, but the company's overall portfolio, something that bodes well for the long haul.

Apple Earnings -- Here's What 10 of the Top Wall Street Analysts Expect

Almost all of the analysts who cover Apple have cut their estimates for iPhone shipments this quarter.

Apple By the Numbers -- Here's How Big It Really Is

Apple is the world's largest company by market capitalization, but digging deeper shows just how huge the company truly is.

Here's Why the New 'Full House' Spinoff Is a Big Deal for Netflix

The streaming media giant is banking that multi-camera shows like 'Fuller House' will help it attract an important new audience.

Why Apple's iPhone Sales May Not Be In Such Trouble After All

Most analysts on Wall Street have cut their estimates for Apple iPhone shipments this quarter, on concerns the iPhone 6s is not selling well. There's a chance they're wrong, though.

Facebook and Google Are Sucking Up Ad Dollars From Everyone Else -- Here's One Simple Reason Why

For years, Facebook and Alphabet's Google have ruled the digital ad landscape, with others lagging far behind. What explains their continued dominance?

IBM Just Announced It's Buying Live Streaming Company Ustream

IBM announced the acquisition of Ustream to help its Cloud platform give IBM's customers more capabilities with video.

Steven Spielberg Can't Be Too Happy 'Star Wars Episode VIII' Is Being Pushed Back

Disney just announced the next Star Wars film is being pushed back to Dec. 15, 2017, a move that's sure to make Steven Spielberg unhappy.

IBM Plummets as Its Turnaround Isn't Coming Anytime Soon -- What Wall Street's Saying

IBM beat expectations, but the company's outlook for 2016 cast further doubt on its turnaround efforts.

3 Biggest Takeaways From Netflix's Monster Fourth Quarter

Netflix continues to show that, broader markets be damned, investors care about one thing and one thing only right now -- subscribers.

Netflix May Soon Begin to Realize Cash, Not Content or Subscribers, Is Truly King

For Netflix, it's been largely about one thing and one thing only -- subscribers. Yet, as markets turn, cash may instead become king.

Does Anyone Care About IBM Anymore?
Does Anyone Care About IBM Anymore?

01/19/16 - 10:28 AM EST

Expectations for IBM are extraordinarily low as the company continues to try and turn itself around.

GoPro Doesn't Even Know How to Sell Its Products Anymore

GoPro shares plunged to an all-time low after the company announced dismal results and a mass layoff.

This Little Wireless Speaker Blows Away Anything Else on the Market

Mass Fidelity's Core is one of the best wireless speakers around, which is especially surprising from a company that just recently got off the ground.

Intel Plunges on Weak Gross Margin Outlook -- What Wall Street's Saying

Intel shares plunged in Friday trading after the world's largest chipmaker said its gross margins, a closely watched measure, would drop to their lowest levels in years.

Is Intel About to Feel the Wrath of Amazon?

With the PC sector contracting, Intel hopes its data center bet will help propel it in 2016 and beyond -- unless companies such as Amazon start making their own chips.

Why Apple’s $200 Billion Cash Hoard Isn’t Really a ‘Problem’

Calls for Apple to make a big acquisition with its huge cash reserves are growing, but the tech giant likely won't -- and doesn't need to.

Ford Teams With IBM to Make Sitting In Traffic Suck Less

Ford signs a deal with IBM to use its analytics platform to make driving a better experience.

Should Amazon Buy Time Warner?
Should Amazon Buy Time Warner?

01/11/16 - 09:55 AM EST

Time Warner's shares were crushed in 2015 on fears of cord cutting and the rise of streaming services. Does it make sense for Time Warner to find a buyer?

Why Fitbit CEO James Park Isn't Sweating the Small Stuff, Like Stock Price

Fitbit CEO James Park is focusing on the customer and with the Fitbit Blaze, Park figures he can capture a segment of the market it wasn't initially targeting.

Here's How Important Fitbit Thinks China Will Be

China is increasingly becoming one of the most important, if not the most important area for companies like Apple. For Fitbit, the level of importance remains to be seen.

Here's Why Netflix Owned CES 2016 -- A Recap Of Day 2's Biggest Surprises, Bores and Quirks

The Consumer Electronics Show kicked into high gear on Wednesday as a host of companies, including Netflix and Facebook-owned Oculus, made major announcements.

Mobileye Q&A: The State of Autonomous Driving

Mobileye's Itay Gat discusses the state of autonomous driving and the company's latest partnerships.

CES 2016 Live Blog Day 2: What Does Las Vegas Have in Store for Us?

This week, TheStreet is live-blogging CES 2016, the biggest consumer electronics show in the world.

CES 2016 Day One Recap: The Biggest Surprises, Bores and Quirks

The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas is an appropriate backdrop for CES, as companies demonstrate their best and brightest products for the world to see.

Sling TV Continues to Innovate but It's Still Not Widely Used

Sling TV, the breakout hit of last year, continues to add new features, including ESPN3, the sports network's live and on-demand channel.

Fitbit Blaze to 'Ignite the World of Fitness'; Investors Not Impressed

The company unveils its latest smart fitness band and it looks an awful lot like the Apple Watch. But Fitbit stock was pounded on concerns that the resemblance won't help.

Apple TV Is Getting iHeartRadio to Become Even More Useful

Apple's latest Apple TV is getting integrate with iHeartRadio to become even more more useful.

CES 2016 Live Blog Day 1: What Does Las Vegas Have In Store For Us?

This week, TheStreet is live-blogging CES 2016, the biggest consumer electronics show in the world.

Faraday Future's New Car Looks Like the Batmobile but It's Not a Tesla Killer

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, Faraday Future thinks it can help reshape the future of transportation and mobility.

Here's How Liberty Mutual and Subaru Want to Lower Your Car Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance and Subaru are teaming up on an app to monitor drivers' habits to lower premiums, while you're still behind the wheel.

CES 2016 Live Blog Day 1: What Does Las Vegas Have In Store For Us?

This week, TheStreet is live-blogging CES 2016, the biggest consumer electronics show in the world.

NXP Wants to Show How You Can Get Better Battery Life on Your Wearables

NXP announced a new Bluetooth Low Energy system-on-a-chip (SoC) that is 40% more efficient to deliver twice the battery life on fitness trackers and wearable technology.

Yahoo! Sells Itself, New iPhones, Amazon Rules TV -- 2016 Tech Predictions

Here are TheStreet's tech predictions for 2016, with some broader themes thrown in.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Review -- It's As Good As You Think It Is (Spoiler-Free)

J.J. Abrams, Harrison Ford, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and others have done wonders to restore the lore of the franchise.

Here's Why You'll Never See the NFL on Netflix

As more television viewing goes on-demand, there are only a few 'must-see' events, including sports. But Netflix isn't interested in owning that space.

Apple's iOS 9.2 Is Here -- Here's Everything You're Getting

Apple just released the latest version of iOS 9, which includes updates to Apple Music and a new interface for Apple News.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review -- Plenty to Like, But Is It Enough?

Amazon's latest tablet, the mid-range Fire HD 10, is an odd offering for a company that has rapidly improved its hardware chops in recent years.

Yahoo! Isn't Spinning Off Alibaba -- Where Does It Go Now?

After weeks of speculation, Yahoo! finally decided to suspend work on the planned spinoff of the company's remaining stake in Alibaba, citing concerns about 'the market's perception of tax risk.'

HBO Isn't Scared of Netflix, No Matter What Anyone Thinks

Time Warner's CEO Jeff Bewkes isn't scared of Netflix, no matter what the media or investors think of the HBO competitor.

IBM Buys Clearleap as It Seeks to Boost Cloud Offerings

IBM acquired Clearleap to boost the company's cloud computing offerings, as it seeks to allow clients to be able to use mobile video as a source of data.

Here's Why Netflix Wants You to Care Only About This Growth Measure

Netflix wants you to measure it in one way and one way only - the number of subscribers.

2015 Tech Predictions -- Here's What I Got Right and What I Screwed Up

TheStreet reviews its 10 tech predictions for 2015. Some were spot on, others were way off the mark.

Mark Zuckerberg Announced a Plan to Give Away Nearly His Entire Fortune

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a plan to give away 99% of his fortune in an effort to help fund the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Amazon Polishes Its Hardware, but It Will Never Be Apple

Amazon has quietly built a niche hardware business after struggling with items like the Fire Phone. Just don't expect it to surpass Apple.

What the Hell Happened to GoPro?
What the Hell Happened to GoPro?

11/30/15 - 01:07 PM EST

The action camera maker appears to be stuck on the Island of Misfit Toys.

Here's How to Find Out Your Uber Rating
Here's How to Find Out Your Uber Rating

11/29/15 - 01:30 PM EST

After each Uber ride, you rate your driver. But did you know they are rating you too?

Tesla Showed Off the Model X -- Now Here's Every Version of It

Tesla Motors will now let you personalize your Model X anyway you want it. You just need the cash.

Amazon Fire TV Epic Fight With Google Chromecast and Apple TV Has No End In Sight

The streaming set-top box wars are in full force. Though Amazon's latest Fire TV has massive improvements over the original, it's too soon to call a winner here.

Amazon Echo Review -- Is This the Future of Computing?

Amazon's voice-activated speaker and digital assistant is designed to make life easier, but it does more than that -- it makes life more enjoyable.

Blue Apron Is Changing Cooking Forever -- Here's What It's Like Making Meals With It

Blue Apron, which recently raised $135 million to help it expand, is taking the country by storm. Here's what it looks like to cook meals using the service.

Fitbit Charge HR -- Worth the Price of Running Around

Fitbit has taken Wall Street by storm, with the health and wellness market surpassing $200 billion annually. Fitbit will capture a portion of that, thanks to the Charge HR.

Elon Musk Wants Your Help on Tesla's Biggest New Project

When Elon Musk isn't busy appearing on episodes of 'The Big Bang Theory,' he's interviewing people to help Tesla advance in autonomous driving.

Square IPO Surges Nearly 50% on First Day of Trading

Mobile payments company Square opened for trading at $11.20, above the $9 initial public offering price.

Square's IPO in Pictures - Six Incredible Images of the Jack Dorsey-Led Company

Jack Dorsey led-Square started life as a public company Thursday on the NYSE. Here are six incredible images of the IPO.

IBM Wants to Make Going to the Game as Fun as Watching It From Home

IBM wants to help change the in-game experience and have it compete with the one fans get when watching the game from home.

Yahoo! and Its Shareholders May Be in for a Serious Tax Bill

As Yahoo! gets ready to spin out the rest of its remaining stake in Alibaba, the major concern has been who foots the tax bill.

Gundlach Live Blog -- Will the Fed Really Raise Rates?

Jeffrey Gundlach thinks the Fed may not raise rates, despite the fact investors are pretty certain they will.

Dick Costolo Is Still Bullish on Twitter, Even if Wall Street Isn't

Dick Costolo may no longer be the CEO of Twitter, but he's still a big believer in the company's future, especially under CEO Jack Dorsey.

Apple May Be Trying to Kill Venmo, but Will It Work?

Apple may be working on its own peer-to-peer payments service. But if it does, it's entering a very crowded space.

Yahoo! Is In Such Dire Straits, This Analyst Is Sending a Letter to Its Board

Yahoo! has its fair share of detractors from all arenas. Now, we're seeing our first activist analyst as the company's issues continue to mount with no solution in sight.

Apple May Have Something Entirely New Up Its Sleeves

Steve Jobs may not have left Apple a product pipeline, but it's clear the world's largest company has more than a few health-related products to bolster its offerings.

Apple Finally Tells Us When the iPad Pro Is Coming

After much fanfare and in hopes of reigniting tablet sales, Apple announces the iPad Pro is slated to be available to purchase later this week.

Bang & Olufsen New H7 Headphones Are a Dream for Any Music Fan

Bang & Olufsen, known for its world-famous speakers, adds to that legacy with the new H7 headphones.

Facebook by the Numbers - Here's How Big It Really Is

Facebook is enormous, with more than 1.5 billion people using it every month. But a deeper dive shows just how huge it truly is.

Here's How Steve Jobs' Legacy Is Still Affecting Disney Today

Disney CEO Bob Iger is still taking management lessons from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, even four years after his death.

Facebook Is an Advertising Monster and It's Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon

Facebook is an absolute monster when it comes to advertising and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Facebook Earnings Are About Size and Scale - What Wall Street's Saying

Facebook has ads and size - in spades.

3 Biggest Takeaways From Tesla's Third-Quarter Earnings

Tesla Motors seems to have figured this Wall Street game out -- it's about deliveries, deliveries, deliveries.

Tesla Earnings Live Blog -- How's the Model X Doing?

Tesla is slated to report third-quarter earnings after the market close on Tuesday, with CEO Elon Musk expected to discuss how the company's latest vehicle, the Model X, is faring.

Jon Stewart's HBO Announcement Was So Big It Lifted Time Warner's Stock Price

Jon Stewart is on his way to HBO as part of a four-year agreement to produce content for the channel. The announcement actually moved shares of Time Warner higher.

Here's What It's Like to Work With Elon Musk, the Actor

Elon Musk may be known for helping build companies, but the enigmatic entrepreneur has another credit to add to his resume -- budding Hollywood icon.

Could Marissa Mayer Be on Her Way Out at Yahoo!?

After three years of stagnant revenue growth, missed opportunities, ill-timed acquisitions and more at Yahoo!, one analyst thinks Marissa Mayer should leave the company.

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