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Chris Ciaccia

Technology Editor

Chris Ciaccia joined TheStreet as a technology reporter in November 2011.

Prior to TheStreet, Chris covered markets for and also worked as an analyst at GMAC and at Laurus Capital Management. Chris has a bachelor's degree in finance from Seton Hall University.

Chris Ciaccia
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Drones Are Coming, Facebook Makes Changes: 5 More Tech Predictions for 2015

By Chris Ciaccia

Facebook, Amazon, Uber and others are among the companies that are likely to make big changes in 2015. Here's a few predictions for next year, including those companies and more.

09:03AM 12/18/14

IBM Continues to Focus on Cloud, Unveiling Additional Cloud Centers Around the World

By Chris Ciaccia

As IBM continues to focus on its cloud operations, it's expanding its network around the world, announcing 48 additional cloud centers around the world dedicated for hybrid cloud computing.

04:00PM 12/17/14

What Does Apple Need to Do in 2015 to Have Another Banner Year?

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple has had a banner 2014, gaining more than 30%, yet investors are wondering what the world's largest company needs to do in 2015 to repeat this year's performance.

10:23AM 12/17/14

Apple Watch Soars, Twitter Gets Bought: 5 Tech Predictions for 2015

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple, Twitter, Google and others will lead the way next year, as the world gets smaller and more connected.

08:23AM 12/16/14

Why Windows 10 Is So Important to the Future of Microsoft

By Chris Ciaccia

Microsoft has embraced non-traditional ways of expanding its empire, but its immediate future remains firmly attached to the Windows 10 refresh.

08:53AM 12/15/14

Here's JPMorgan's 6 Favorite Semiconductor Stocks For 2015

By Chris Ciaccia

Though semiconductor stocks have had a sharp run in 2014, JPMorgan expects several semiconductor-related names to continue to do well in 2015, for a number of factors.

09:21AM 12/11/14

Tesla's Decline Isn't Related to Oil -- So Is It a Buy?

By Chris Ciaccia

The decline in shares of Tesla Motors is unconnected to the drop in oil prices and provides an opportunity for anyone who sifts through the noise.

02:40PM 12/10/14

Why BlackBerry and Microsoft Must Watch Apple's Deal With IBM Closely

By Chris Ciaccia

As Apple enters the enterprise market, BlackBerry and Microsoft better be paying attention.

12:55PM 12/10/14

Apple and IBM Unveil First Part of Relationship -- What It Looks Like

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple and IBM unveil the first benefits of their working relationship together, announcing 10 new apps for enterprises that should boost Apple's position in the workplace.

10:26AM 12/10/14

Square Expands Its Reach, Says U.S. Sellers Process $100M in One Day

By Chris Ciaccia

Square's footprint continues to grow, as the company announces its sellers processed more $100 million in sales in one day.

09:32AM 12/10/14

Gundlach Live Blog: Why Does He Think 'This Time It's Different'?

By Chris Ciaccia

Nicknamed "The Bond King," Jeffrey Gundlach is having his last conference call of the year to discuss the economy, the markets and his outlook for where bonds go in 2015.

04:10PM 12/09/14

How Amazon's Game-Changing 'Make an Offer' Feature Will Work

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon, intent on ruling all of retail, unveils a new 'Make an Offer' feature that is designed to allow people to haggle over prices.

01:51PM 12/09/14

Why Amazon Could Have a Bigger Holiday Season Than Anyone Expected

By Chris Ciaccia

Recent events suggest that Amazon not only will come in ahead of its own estimates but is taking market share from eBay and other online retailers.

11:29AM 12/09/14

Accel Partners Leads $50M Series C Funding in DataGravity

By Chris Ciaccia

DataGravity hopes its offerings will help businesses understand what's in all that data and how best to visualize it so the data fit their needs.

12:00AM 12/09/14

Google Has Major Headaches Going into 2015 Because of Apple, Facebook

By Chris Ciaccia

Google shares fell after being downgraded on several key factors, including worries about the search business and major competition from the likes of Apple and Facebook.

08:47AM 12/05/14

Uber's $40 Billion Valuation Nears Facebook Territory as Sharing Economy Continues to Soar

By Chris Ciaccia

Facebook went public at a $104 billion valuation in May 2012. Some believe Uber will get to a nine figure valuation mark sometime next year.

01:39PM 12/04/14

Uber Continues to Explode in Popularity as It's Now Worth $40 Billion

By Chris Ciaccia

Ride-sharing company Uber just raised another $1.2 billion in funding, giving it a $40 billion valuation, as the company continues to explode in popularity.

12:01PM 12/04/14

Fitbit Charge Review: Updated Fitness Band Is Closer to Getting It Just Right

By Chris Ciaccia

The Fitbit Charge is a good purchase for anyone who wants a simple, easy to understand way of keeping track of daily activities.

11:16AM 12/04/14

Amazon Is Getting Into Private Label Business With Amazon Elements

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon is getting into the private label business, announcing Amazon Elements, a new line of premium, everyday items that are available only to Amazon Prime members.

09:42AM 12/04/14

Why Even Apple Is Surprised by the Enormous Demand for the iPhone 6

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple continues to get love from Wall Street as JMP Securities boosts its price target on the stock of the world's largest company.

08:45AM 12/03/14

Is Jeff Bezos Fearful America Could Miss Out on Drone Delivery?

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is fearful that because of regulatory issues the U.S. may fall behind other countries in getting drone delivery.

01:30PM 12/02/14

Why Jeff Bezos Wants You to Be Patient With the Fire Phone

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes that although the Fire Phone initially has been a disappointment it's going to take time to get it right.

12:50PM 12/02/14

Apple Gets Price Target Boost on Back of Strong iPhone Demand

By Chris Ciaccia

Consumers have taken to Apple's iPhone in droves since it was released in September, but demand may be stronger than some on Wall Street are expecting.

08:30AM 12/02/14

'House of Cards' Teaser Says Frank Underwood Is Coming Back At the End of February

By Chris Ciaccia

Netflix shares were falling despite revealing the teaser trailer for the company's mega-hit series, House of Cards.

01:49PM 12/01/14

Why Apple's Tank May Have More Gas Left in It Than Thought

By Chris Ciaccia

As Apple gets set for perhaps its largest holiday quarter ever, investors may still be underestimating how much gas is left in the company's tank.

11:23AM 12/01/14

Amazon's Tablet Strategy Appears to Pay Off as Kindle, Fire Sales Jump

By Chris Ciaccia

As shoppers turned to Amazon on Black Friday, the company's hardware strategy appears to be paying off with Kindle e-reader and Fire tablet sales up significantly year over year.

09:05AM 12/01/14

HP Earnings to Be Overshadowed by Split: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

HP's fourth quarter earnings results will show whether CEO's Meg Whitman turnaround plan for the company is actually working.

09:33AM 11/25/14

DoubleLine Capital Owns Tesla Motors Shares As It Could 'Change Society'

By Chris Ciaccia

Jeffery Gundlach has been a huge fan of Tesla Motors, saying the company could "change society," and has gone so far that his firm owns shares in the automaker.

02:41PM 11/24/14

How Apple Is Absolutely Poised to Win Black Friday 2014

By Chris Ciaccia

With perhaps the strongest product lineup ever, Apple is poised to win Black Friday and perhaps the entire holiday season like never before.

10:58AM 11/24/14

Intel's Mobile Future Seems on Track After Analyst Day: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Intel shares tacked on gains following a sharp run-up after the company held its analyst day, announcing 2015 guidance, soothing investors' about the future of the world's largest chipmaker.

08:53AM 11/21/14

Gap Between iPhone 6 and 6-Plus Is Bigger Than Anyone Thought

By Chris Ciaccia

As Apple's new iPhones show how important they are to the company, investors want to know how wide the split really is -- -- a lot wider than you think.

11:57AM 11/20/14

Why Google Won't Lose Sleep Over Yahoo!'s Search Deal With Firefox

By Chris Ciaccia

Yahoo! was so proud to trot out its search deal with Firefox, but Google won't lose any sleep over it.

10:10AM 11/20/14

Why Tesla Still Has 'Execution Hurdles' to Clear on the Model X

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla shares are falling in premarket trading on Wednesday after Morgan Stanley cut 2015 earnings estimates on the back of the delayed Model X launch.

10:43AM 11/19/14

Here's What Intel's $495 Bracelet For Women Looks Like

By Chris Ciaccia

Intel has been hard at work moving into the wearable technology space, and the official launch of MICA is the latest effort that it's serious about this market.

05:22PM 11/18/14

Here's What Uber's CEO Said In Light of the Horrible Press Against One Of Its Executives

By Chris Ciaccia

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick apologized after one of Uber's executives suggested the company should spend $1 million looking into the personal lives of journalists who oppose it.

03:09PM 11/18/14

How IBM Intends to Reinvent Work E-Mail for the 21st Century

By Chris Ciaccia

IBM is trying to reinvent work email, using its analytics and data prowess to give employees a new way to converse more efficiently at work, going after Google and Microsoft.

10:00AM 11/18/14

Why 3D Printing Just Gained a New Best Friend in Martha Stewart

By Chris Ciaccia

Do it yourself queen Martha Stewart is taking crafts to the next dimension -- the third dimension.

03:20PM 11/17/14

Uber Announces Deal With Spotify to Allow Music On the Go

By Chris Ciaccia

Uber announced it would be teaming up with Spotify to allow customers to listen to their playlists wherever they take an Uber and the music is already playing.

10:33AM 11/17/14

How Apple Pay Can Help Mobile Transactions Soar by 2017

By Chris Ciaccia

As digital wallets and mobile payments become more prevalent, transactions on smartphones are expected to soar by 2017.

10:17AM 11/17/14

How Uber Is Changing the U.S. Economy Like No One Ever Imagined

By Chris Ciaccia

The automotive industry is seeing innovation, as Tesla takes mindshare away from traditional automakers, but one company that may change the industry completely isn't really a car company: Uber.

01:05PM 11/14/14

Cisco Cautious on Guidance Citing 'Very Unusual Dynamic Right Now'

By Chris Ciaccia

Cisco continues to see an uneven recovery for the world's largest networking equipment manufacturer, particularly as net neutrality becomes a bigger debate in the U.S.

09:04AM 11/13/14

Cisco Drops On Weak Revenue Growth as Finance Chief Steps Down

By Chris Ciaccia

Cisco shares rose in after-hours after the networking equipment giant posted fiscal first quarter results that were better than expected.

04:43PM 11/12/14

How IBM and Watson Plan to Use Your Genetic Code to Help You Live Longer

By Chris Ciaccia

IBM continues to push the boundaries of its Watson Group, announcing an investment in Pathway Genomics to deliver an app based on a person's genetics from their personal makeup.

11:00AM 11/12/14

How Tesla's 50% Growth Is At Risk From Production Issues

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla is on track to do something few car companies have ever done: grow 50% a year for the foreseeable future. But it needs to get its production levels straight.

11:05AM 11/06/14

Tesla Surges Following Q3 Report: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla shares rose following strong third-quarter earnings and an outlook that says the company may grow 50% per year for the 'foreseeable future.'

10:29AM 11/06/14

Tesla Q3 Earnings Expected to Show Huge Guidance For Q4: Live Blog Recap

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla has been a darling of Wall Street over the past eighteen months, as the Elon Musk-led company has defied critics, building a car company that seems poised to last.

06:43PM 11/05/14

Tesla Q3 Earnings Leaves Uncertainty for Rest of 2014: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla's third quarter may show a drop in Model S deliveries, but its hopes rely on the rest of 2014, as it seeks to surpass 35,000 deliveries for the year.

01:00PM 11/04/14

3 Biggest Takeaways From Alibaba's First Post-IPO Earnings Report

By Chris Ciaccia

Alibaba shares fall after the Chinese Internet conglomerate posts better-than-expected revenue in its first ever quarterly earnings report since becoming a public company.

12:06PM 11/04/14

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Review: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon is working hard to get its tablet lineup up to par with Apple, and it has in some aspects, except the key one -- apps.

09:21AM 11/03/14

Square Looks to Expand its Reach Through Deals With Major Brands

By Chris Ciaccia

As Square fights to remain relevant in the payments world, it's expanding its reach to more than just the small business clientele, including larger brands like Uniqlo, Burberry and Lululemon.

08:15AM 11/03/14

New Players in Mobile Payments Are Going After Visa and MasterCard

By Chris Ciaccia

As consumers become more aware of the Apple Pay and Google Wallet mobile payment systems, other players such as Dwolla are emerging.

10:00AM 10/30/14

Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces He Is Gay in First Person Op-Ed

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook has unveiled to the world that he is gay, saying he "is proud to be gay."

08:12AM 10/30/14

Facebook Plunges Following Weak Guidance, Crazy Expenses: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Facebook plunges after the company says revenue for the fourth quarter would be below consensus at a time of strength in the sector. Meanwhile, expenses are spiraling higher.

09:37AM 10/29/14

3 Biggest Takeaways From Twitter's Third-Quarter Earnings

By Chris Ciaccia

Twitter's third quarter shows it's more of the same for the company -- its biggest problem is not the viability of its business, it's growing the user base.

11:51AM 10/28/14

Five Tech Companies (Not Apple) That Will Change Your Life

By Chris Ciaccia

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live, from how we interact with others to how we make purchasing decisions. Here are the biggest life-changers.

09:00AM 10/28/14

Twitter Third Quarter Earnings Expected to Show More Volatility: Live Blog Recap

By Chris Ciaccia

Twitter has had a rocky 2014 so far, with shares moving violently based on how many millions of monthly active users (MAUs) it adds in a quarter.

05:57PM 10/27/14

As Apple Watch Launch Nears, Fitbit Unveils New Fitness Trackers to Stay Ahead

By Chris Ciaccia

The wearable technology space has received enormous interested since Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, but others in the space, including Fitbit aren't going to let Apple have all the fun.

09:00AM 10/27/14

Amazon's Plunging Stock Price Could Present a Buying Opportunity

By Chris Ciaccia

Amazon shares may see significant pain over the short term, but the long-term outlook remains positive.

12:17PM 10/24/14

Yelp Plunges Following Weak Fourth-Quarter Guidance: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Yelp shares plunged Thursday after the social reviews and delivery service company gave a fourth-quarter outlook sharply lower than forecast, causing investors to worry about the company's immediate future.

01:30PM 10/23/14

Marissa Mayer Gets Another Chance After Yahoo! Surges: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Yahoo! silences some of its critics after it posts better-than-expected third-quarter results, which may give CEO Marissa Mayer more time to work on her comprehensive turnaround plan.

02:18PM 10/22/14

3D Systems Plunges After Earnings Miss: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

3D Systems shares plunged after the 3D printing company said it expects third-quarter revenue to be materially lower than expected, citing a delayed availability of its newest products.

11:22AM 10/22/14

3 Biggest Takeaways From Yahoo!'s Latest Earnings Report

By Chris Ciaccia

Yahoo!'s quarterly results may have shown the core business is slowly improving, but both CEO Marissa Mayer and CFO Ken Goldman focused seemingly on every shareholder complaint and then some.

08:48AM 10/22/14

Yahoo! Shares Surge After Third Quarter Earnings Beat Led By Alibaba

By Chris Ciaccia

Yahoo! shares surged 3% after the company posted third-quarter earnings that were sharply better than expected, led by a gain related to the stake it sold in Alibaba BABA.

04:40PM 10/21/14

Here's Why You Can't Use Apple Pay at Chipotle Just Yet

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple's mobile payments initiative Apply Pay is a success so far, according to CEO Tim Cook, but there's one major place you can't use it yet: Chipotle.

02:36PM 10/21/14

3 Biggest Takeaways From Apple's Strong Earnings Report

By Chris Ciaccia

Demand for Apple iPhone and Mac is so strong that not only is it surprising Wall Street, it's surprising the most bullish people of all: Apple.

10:19AM 10/21/14

Apple Q4 Earnings Focus On the iPhone and Slowing iPad Growth: Live Blog Recap

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple has had a busy several weeks, with the launch of the new products, but eyes will be on the company's earnings and its outlook for the all-important holiday season.

06:12PM 10/20/14

IBM Plunges Following Huge Third-Quarter Earnings Miss and Asset Sale

By Chris Ciaccia

IBM shares plunge after the company badly misses third-quarter earnings estimates and after it paid GlobalFoundries $1.5 billion to take its money-losing semiconductor unit off its hands.

09:42AM 10/20/14

Why WWE Decided to Introduce Ads on Its Fledgling WWE Network

By Chris Ciaccia

WWE has placed a huge bet on the WWE Network being a radical transformation to its business.

11:15AM 10/17/14

Google Falls Following Earnings: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Google shares are falling after the search giant posted third-quarter results that missed estimates, due in large part to slowing paid click growth.

08:40AM 10/17/14

Apple Unveils Its Latest iPad, OS X Yosemite and More: Live Blog

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple is slated to unveil its latest iPad and Macs at an event today. TheStreet is live blogging the event.

02:13PM 10/16/14

As Apple Pay Gets Ready to Launch, Who Actually Uses Apple's Passbook?

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple has unveiled several new products, but the one that has excited investors the most is Apple Pay, Apple's payments system. The question remains who, if anyone, will use it.

01:17PM 10/16/14

Netflix Plummets on Guidance, Subscriber Miss: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Netflix shares plummet after the company misses revenue expectations and subscriber estimates, noting that the fourth quarter would be challenging as well because of increased expenses.

10:17AM 10/16/14

3 Biggest Takeaways From Netflix's Latest Earnings Report

By Chris Ciaccia

Following Netflix's third quarter earnings, the company's future as a service is not in doubt, but its earnings power may be.

08:19AM 10/16/14

3 Biggest Takeaways From Intel's Latest Earnings Report

By Chris Ciaccia

Though the PC industry isn't growing as it was during the 1990s, Intel has shown over the past two quarters that the industry isn't dead yet.

12:43PM 10/15/14

iPhone 6 Sales Helps Raise Skyworks Solutions Guidance: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Skyworks Solutions shares soared after the semiconductor company raised fourth-quarter guidance, due in large part to what many believe is strength in Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales.

03:20PM 10/14/14

Intel's Results Will Prove Whether the PC Rebound Is Real

By Chris Ciaccia

Intel's earnings will show whether the PC rebound is real and whether other initiatives in data centers and the 'Internet of Things' can be meaningful drivers of growth.

08:28AM 10/14/14

Why Tesla Is 'Best in Class' When It Comes to Driverless Cars

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla continues pushing the bounds on not just where it takes the electric vehicle market, but the entire industry as well, which may boost sales, in addition to its stock.

10:30AM 10/13/14

How Apple Can Overtake Android on iPhone's Continued Strength

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple continues to resonate with consumers, amping demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and eating into Android sales.

08:56AM 10/13/14

Tesla Unveils the D - Why Only Elon Musk Can Deliver Like This

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla unveils not one but three updated dual motor versions of the Model S, in addition to auto pilot, as it continues to push the boundaries for electric cars.

09:55AM 10/10/14

Elon Musk and Tesla 'Unveil the D' and Something Else: Live Blog

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to set the world ablaze, as the enigmatic leader unveiled that Tesla has more to show off than is currently known.

11:06PM 10/09/14

Why Tesla Has Been So Successful When Other Clean Energy Companies Have Failed

By Chris Ciaccia

Peter Thiel, who helped build PayPal, gives his reasons on why Tesla has been so successful as a clean energy company, when others have failed.

09:20AM 10/08/14

Why IBM Is Betting Big on Watson as It Pushes Toward the Future

By Chris Ciaccia

IBM continues to push the boundaries of where Watson will take it, unveiling Watson-powered apps from partners in various sectors, as adoption for cognitive and cloud computing increases.

07:00PM 10/07/14

GT Advanced Technologies Plunges as Company Files Bankruptcy Protection

By Chris Ciaccia

GT Advanced Technologies has announced it will be filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, as the company had more than $1 billion in debt and only $85 million in cash.

10:47AM 10/06/14

Why HP's Decision to Split Into Two Companies Makes Sense

By Chris Ciaccia

The decision to split HP into two companies will allow the companies to try and remain competitive, while attracting strategic interest for both groups from outside sources.

10:39AM 10/06/14

Oracle Pops After Analyst Day: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Oracle held its analyst day as part of its OpenWorld conference, where the company continues to show that its capabilities in the cloud continue to be strong.

11:18AM 10/03/14

Why Netflix Opportunity Overseas May Be Bigger Than You Think

By Chris Ciaccia

Ahead of Netflix earnings, one analyst believes the company's international opportunities remain underestimated, as the company continues to drive into new markets, such as France, Germany and others.

09:36AM 10/03/14

'Unveil the D'? What Tesla's Elon Musk Is Up to With Mysterious Tweet

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to set the world ablaze, as the enigmatic leader unveiled that Tesla has more to show off than is currently known.

12:15PM 10/02/14

Intel Continues Push Into Wearables, Unveils Basis Peak Fitness Tracker

By Chris Ciaccia

Intel announced that its Basis unit is unveiling a new fitness and sleep tracker, the Basis Peak, as the company continues to push into the wearable devices market.

11:14AM 09/30/14

Apple Gets Another Grand Entrance in China, iPhone 6 on Sale in October

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple finally gets its big entry into China, as the company will be selling its iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus starting Oct. 17 into the world's largest cellular market.

09:22AM 09/30/14

Here's What It Looks Like Inside Tesla's Massive Factory

By Chris Ciaccia

Tesla's plant in Fremont, Calif., is capable of producing more than 500,000 cars a year. Here's what it looks like inside.

08:59AM 09/30/14

Apple iPhone, Not Android Devices, Dominate Web Traffic

By Chris Ciaccia

Apple's new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, may continue to add to Apple's lead when it comes to traffic, as consumers use iOS more than Android devices.

02:12PM 09/29/14

HP Unveils ARM-Based Servers as It Focuses on Shift to Mobility

By Chris Ciaccia

HP unveiled two new servers which use chip designs from ARM Holdings, as HP continues to push the benefits of cost efficiencies and the big shift in tech for mobility.

08:15AM 09/29/14

Yahoo! Shares Jump Amid Reports of Potential Deal With AOL

By Chris Ciaccia

Yahoo! shares soared after activist investor Starboard Value Partners sent the company a letter with ways to work on increasing shareholder value.

05:30PM 09/26/14

3 Biggest Takeaways From BlackBerry's Latest Earnings Report

By Chris Ciaccia

Though BlackBerry is hanging by a thread, CEO John Chen continues to show just how strong that thread is, as the company slowly continues to turn itself around.

09:23AM 09/26/14

InvenSense Dip May Be Buying Opportunity for Long-Term Investors

By Chris Ciaccia

Investors were relieved after InvenSense's chip was used in the latest iPhones, but concerns over its future have caused a downturn in shares, which may be a buying opportunity.

09:19AM 09/26/14

Accenture Struggles Amid Rising Competition: What Wall Street's Saying

By Chris Ciaccia

Accenture continues to struggle, and the consulting firm admits that pressure from competitors has been impacting the business.

10:08AM 09/25/14

How Amazon Can Boost Its Share Price Amid Rising Investor Concerns

By Chris Ciaccia

As investors continue to worry about Amazon's long-term spending plans, the company may be able to do two things to reassure shareholders, according to some on Wall Street.

11:13AM 09/24/14

Apple Shares May See Further Upside on China’s Enormous 4G User Base

By Chris Ciaccia

Though Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are not yet on sale in China, the country's massive adoption of 4G bodes well for Apple's future in China.

10:23AM 09/23/14

Here's the Absolute Worst Place to Check Your Smartphone

By Chris Ciaccia

Smartphones are everywhere, but not everyone agrees on when it's acceptable to use them.

08:00AM 09/23/14

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