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Test-Driving Tesla’s Model S P85D: Touchscreen Fits Bill, 'Insane Mode' Thrills

By Anton Wahlman

Tesla's luxurious P85D matches and beats the competition in several categories, but a cheaper car might still be better for you.

03:24PM 05/05/15

Subaru Forester Lags With Terrible Infotainment System

By Anton Wahlman

The Subaru Forester has an attractive body and great potential, but the experience is ruined by a poor infotainment system.

09:02AM 04/20/15

The Jaguar XJL Portfolio Is a Great Car but It Faces Stiff Competition

By Anton Wahlman

The Jaguar XJL is a good alternative to Mercedes S550, BMW 750 and Lexus LS for the back seat rider, whether CEO or head of state.

01:48PM 04/16/15

Are Tesla’s Short Delivery Times a New Sign of Low Demand?

By Anton Wahlman

The delivery lead times for Tesla’s cars are unusually short for custom-made cars in the auto industry. Why?

04:26PM 04/10/15

America's Best-Selling Car, the Toyota Camry, Has Gotten a Lot Better

By Anton Wahlman

In the middle of 2014, Toyota did something unexpected: completely re-tooled the Camry, America's best-selling car. And it's much better.

01:30PM 04/07/15

5 New Cars From the New York Auto Show That You Can Actually Afford

By Anton Wahlman

NY Auto Show sees attractively priced high-volume cars launched by Nissan, Volkswagen, Chevrolet and Mitsubishi.

01:16PM 04/06/15

Google’s New $349 Chromebook 15 Laptop From Acer Is Worth Buying

By Anton Wahlman

Google gets Acer’s help in attacking the high-resolution 15.6 inch screen laptop market with the market’s first $349 Chromebook.

10:11AM 04/06/15

10 Best Affordable and Attractive Cars at the New York Auto Show

By Anton Wahlman

The New York Auto Show wasn't all about super-luxury and high-end performance cars.

11:47AM 04/02/15

How Mercedes' Futurist Predicted the Fall in Gasoline Prices, Rise of SUVs

By Anton Wahlman

Mercedes' in-house futurist made a perfect call on the key 2014 trends driving U.S. auto sales: gasoline prices and SUVs vs. hybrids.

06:10AM 11/10/14

Subaru’s Amazing U.S. Growth Story Is Driven by Its Legacy

By Anton Wahlman

Subaru is setting industry-leading U.S. sales records this year.

06:10AM 11/05/14

Volkswagen Looks Set to Unveil Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car in November

By Anton Wahlman

Volkswagen may soon join all the other major automakers and launch a hydrogen fuel cell car, but the consumer economics for hydrogen fuel cell cars look like an uphill battle.

12:09PM 10/27/14

Audi A3 Diesel Could Be Ultimate Road-Trip Champion at 63 MPG

By Anton Wahlman

Wahlman drove the 2015 Audi A3 diesel 834 miles on one tank -- just 13.2 gallons -- for a record 63 MPG. Is this the ultimate road trip car?

06:10AM 10/20/14

We Test-Drive BMW's New Hybrid Sports Car: Here's What We Found

By Anton Wahlman

The BMW i8 is BMW’s $147,000 answer to Tesla and Porsche, except it’s also a very different -- and more rare -- car. Here's what it's like to drive it.

09:58AM 10/08/14

GM's Triple Assault on Tesla -- Including a Range-Topping Cadillac Plug-In

By Anton Wahlman

GM confirms three new plug-in electric cars, including a pure EV and a range-topping Cadillac luxury sedan.

05:14PM 10/01/14

No, Tesla Does Not Outsell the Mercedes S-Class in the U.S. or Globally

By Anton Wahlman

Claims that Tesla outsells the Mercedes S-Class linger on. But in 2014, the Mercedes S-Class outsold Tesla handily. Here's what you need to know.

12:15PM 09/27/14

Using Tesla Math, GM’s Buick Unit Should Be Worth $1.1 Trillion

By Anton Wahlman

Like Tesla, Buick manufactures luxury sedans. A comparison of the two companies' sales and valuations suggests one of these companies is wildly overvalued.

12:49PM 09/26/14

Tesla Chief Elon Musk's Curious Dance With Toyota

By Anton Wahlman

Recent musings by Elon Musk about perhaps cutting another deal with Toyota, don't seem like a positive for Tesla stock.

01:11PM 09/08/14

In Challenge to Intel, Nvidia Busts Out in Chromebook

By Anton Wahlman

Nvidia's graphics chips had been confined mostly to high-end PCs. Now they're in a new Chromebook made by Acer.

09:37AM 09/04/14

GM's Spark EV Underwhelming, but Electric Motor Could Threaten Tesla

By Anton Wahlman

The Chevrolet Spark EV isn't as impressive as its competitors, but its powerful electric motor could be the heart of a more exciting car in the future.

06:00AM 09/04/14

BMW’s Electric Car Crushes Tesla on the Sales Charts

By Anton Wahlman

A new report details the simple fact that in August BMW's electric car sales in the U.S. were 70% larger than Tesla's.

06:00AM 09/04/14

The LG G3 Smartphone: Is Bigger Better?

By Anton Wahlman

LG’s new flagship Android smartphone is the G3, but the one I still recommend is LG’s own Nexus 5.

09:04AM 09/03/14

Subaru Outsells Tesla 100:1 in the U.S. in July; Launches First Hybrid

By Anton Wahlman

Subaru vastly out-sells and out-grows Tesla in the U.S. market. How does its first hybrid offering perform?

06:00AM 08/19/14

Google Fires Latest Laptop Missile Into Microsoft’s and Apple’s Hull

By Anton Wahlman

The new Asus 13-inch Chromebook for $230 is the outstanding laptop value in its class.

09:31AM 08/18/14

Testing America’s Best-Selling Diesel Car, the 42-MPG VW Jetta

By Anton Wahlman

The best 'regular car' in the market today is Volkswagen’s small diesel.

06:00AM 08/15/14

Want a Hydrogen-Fueled Car? It'll Cost You Double

By Anton Wahlman

Why bother with hydrogen cars if they will cost more than gasoline and diesel cars? Stay tuned for an orgy of subsidies.

06:00AM 08/13/14

Kia Sales Got Soul While Tesla's U.S. Sales Are Superbad

By Anton Wahlman

Kia Soul U.S. sales are up 23% so far this year while Tesla’s U.S. sales decline. What gives?

06:00AM 08/06/14

Dodge to Tesla: Eat Your Heart Out

By Anton Wahlman

Dodge may surprise you by delivering superior performance compared with the Tesla at half the cost.

08:55AM 08/04/14

BMW Launches Its Own, Free Supercharger Network for Electric Cars

By Anton Wahlman

Challenging market leaders Nissan, GM and Mitsubishi, BMW launches the buildout of a free supercharging network for its electric cars.

12:10PM 07/28/14

GM Isn't Alone in the Race to the 200-Mile Electric Car

By Anton Wahlman

New rumors don’t change my view: GM will have two different plug-in electric car platforms in the next one to three years.

06:00AM 07/28/14

BMW's Supercharger Plan -- Tesla Not Included

By Anton Wahlman

A new electric car fast-charging network for metropolitan areas: The non-Tesla auto companies could join together for an investment.

06:00AM 07/18/14

What Would a Tesla-BMW Deal Look Like?

By Anton Wahlman

Here's the case for BMW to announce a supercharger deal with Tesla -- or with someone else -- very soon.

06:00AM 07/17/14

Lexus Launches SUV That Runs Exclusively on Gasoline!

By Anton Wahlman

Lexus offers a new, aggressively styled 'small' SUV that isn’t that small.

06:00AM 07/15/14

Evaluating Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Gamble

By Anton Wahlman

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell car will take several years to catch on, but so what?

06:00AM 07/08/14

Nissan LEAF: Revisiting the World's Best-Selling Electric Car

By Anton Wahlman

The Nissan LEAF has been improved a lot, and now offers superb quality feel and usability. Small wonder it is the best-selling electric car.

09:23AM 07/07/14

How GM Could Spin Off a $400 Billion Business

By Anton Wahlman

Using Tesla's valuation multiples, GM's large SUV factory in Texas could be worth $400 billion.

06:00AM 07/01/14

Here's Why the Google I/O Conference Is Good for Google's Stock

By Anton Wahlman

Google's developers conference was not just about new features. It was also about initiatives that lower product prices, expand the size of the market and increase market share.

11:26AM 06/30/14

Audi '15 A8 Is a 868-Mile-Range Tesla-Killer, and Diesel Is the Secret

By Anton Wahlman

The overall luxury and interior comfort of the Audi A8 is to the Tesla Model S what Buckingham Palace is to a Burger King.

09:00AM 06/30/14

Why Big Car Companies Don't Really Care About Tesla

By Anton Wahlman

Tesla's 35,000 cars per year is too little revenue, too little profit, in relation to how it is affecting the big automakers.

06:00AM 06/19/14

The Reason Tesla Met With BMW Is...

By Anton Wahlman

Tesla opening up its charging network takes away the rationale for the premium multiple on the stock.

06:00AM 06/13/14

Porsche Electric vs Tesla: And the Verdict Is...

By Anton Wahlman

Porsche's attempt to compete with the other plug-in electric cars comes up short. The Panamera lacks in smoothness.

06:00AM 06/10/14

Apple Desperately Copies Google's 2008 Features but Passes on Innovation

By Anton Wahlman

Apple is half a decade behind the curve while simultaneously falling short on every expectation.

05:25PM 06/02/14

Is Google Crazy for Selling a Desktop PC at $350? Definitely Not

By Anton Wahlman

Google partners with LG to deliver a 22-inch desktop PC with everything included for $350 or less. Read it and weep, Apple.

06:30AM 05/30/14

Could Nissan's Electric Minivan Crush Tesla's Model X?

By Anton Wahlman

Nissan's electric minivan enters service with Google on a test basis. I drove the first car on U.S. soil. Here's what I've learned.

06:00AM 05/30/14

Google Is the New Smartphone King, Despite What Apple Might Think

By Anton Wahlman

LG takes the smartphone to a whole new hardware level: 1440x2560 pixel resolution. In a 5.5 inch display. That's much more than a new TV.

09:23AM 05/29/14

Electric Cars Won't Make Your Air Any Cleaner

By Anton Wahlman

Regular new gasoline/diesel cars are already so clean that electric cars bring essentially zero air quality benefit.

06:00AM 05/22/14

Audi Q5 Is the Enthusiasts' Diesel SUV

By Anton Wahlman

Premium diesel power on stilts. The smooth, elegant, sporty-handling and very powerful Audi Q5 SUV.

06:00AM 05/20/14

Will BMW's i5 and i9 Electric Really Arrive in 2015?

By Anton Wahlman

One source tells me BMW's i5 and i9 electric cars will arrive already in 2015, and be different variants of SUVs/crossovers. I'm slightly skeptical but it's worth discussing.

06:00AM 05/16/14

The 2015 VW Golf Is a Grown-Up, Premium, 42-mpg Delight

By Anton Wahlman

The all-new 2015 VW Golf diesel has a large upscale interior, drives extremely well, and reduces pollution by 40% over the 2014 model alone.

06:00AM 05/15/14

Volkswagen Launches the People's Electric Car

By Anton Wahlman

With its first electric car for the U.S. market, the VW eGolf sets out to challenge market leader Nissan and its Leaf.

06:00AM 05/14/14

Now We Learn Why Facebook Acquired Oculus

By Anton Wahlman

Facebook's Oculus immersive glasses make for a perfect companion to the new Parrot BeBop drone: A flying spy camera for every Facebooker.

08:57AM 05/12/14

3 Ways Consumers Overestimate Their Electric Cars

By Anton Wahlman

Enthusiastic electric car buyers often aren't comparing their new car against a brand-new gasoline or diesel car, but rather against something older.

06:00AM 05/02/14

Driving the Mercedes Electric Car, All for $42,375.00

By Anton Wahlman

Mercedes' first relevant electric car takes aim at BMW i3, but consumers will also compare it against Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt.

10:38AM 04/29/14

The Great Debate -- All-Electric Cars vs. Plug-In Hybrids

By Anton Wahlman

For most people, plug-in hybrids win over pure electric cars. But neither provide cost payback or environmental benefit over basic gasoline/diesel cars.

06:00AM 04/25/14

What Does It Take to Sour on the Electric Car Experience?

By Anton Wahlman

Chargers that are always taken all the time have created a nightmare for owners of pure EVs as opposed to plug-in hybrids

06:00AM 04/23/14

New York Auto Show: And the Winners Are...

By Anton Wahlman

The three winners from the NY Auto Show were the 2015 Kia Sedona minivan, Nissan's free electric car charging card, and the BMW X5 plug-in hybrid SUV.

06:00AM 04/22/14

Nissan Turns Up the Heat in the Electric Car Race

By Anton Wahlman

Important updates on Nissan's electric car plans include swift battery improvements, a plug-in hybrid car and much more.

06:00AM 04/17/14

Chrysler 200 Is Detroit's New Midsize Sedan Star

By Anton Wahlman

The all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 has the most luxurious, tasteful and rational interior of any car in its price class -- $23,000 to the low $30,000s.

06:00AM 04/11/14

The Chevy Volt 2.0 Nears Production -- Long Live the Electric Car King!

By Anton Wahlman

GM is investing millions to prepare the Volt 2.0 factory. Here is what we can expect about the car.

06:00AM 04/10/14

Here Are the New Electric Cars You'll Be Seeing on the Road by End of 2016

By Anton Wahlman

By the time 2016 ends the major car companies will have more pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids priced below $70,000 than you'll be able to remember or count.

06:00AM 04/04/14

Nissan to Extend Electric Car Leadership With 135-Mile Leaf

By Anton Wahlman

Nissan looks to introduce its longer-range all-electric LEAF already in 2014, ahead of the competition.

06:00AM 03/27/14

Honda Needs an Electric Minivan to Fight the Tesla Model X

By Anton Wahlman

Honda's plug-in Accord doesn't measure up but here's a four-step plan for Honda to engineer electric car success.

06:00AM 03/21/14

The New 2015 Audi A3 Is Designed For Success

By Anton Wahlman

The all-new 2015 Audi A3 is a design masterpiece, inside and out. A feast for the eyes that will stand the test of time.

06:00AM 03/20/14

Besides Tesla, What Other Products Will New Jersey Ban?

By Anton Wahlman

As New Jersey bans Tesla from selling cars to consumers, what about banning other products sold directly to the consumer?

09:22AM 03/12/14

Cadillac and the Best Car Ad Ever

By Anton Wahlman

Cadillac's ELR ad celebrates classic American values: capitalism and rugged individualism.

06:00AM 03/11/14

First Comparison: BMW i3 vs. Chevrolet Volt

By Anton Wahlman

Chevrolet Volt and BMW i3 give you full electric power and gasoline backup, making them unique in the market right now.

06:00AM 03/06/14

California and Tesla No Longer Best Friends?

By Anton Wahlman

California is spending $200 million on hydrogen fuel-cell competition to Tesla's cars.

06:00AM 03/05/14

Why Self-Driving Cars Will Be Unacceptably Lethal

By Anton Wahlman

What's the point of a self-driving car if you have to be ready to take over on a split-second's notice?

06:30AM 03/04/14

Why Google's Chromebook Is Better than Windows, Mac and Android

By Anton Wahlman

Google's Chrome OS accomplishes most of your PC tasks better than competing operating systems Windows, Mac and Android.

06:00AM 03/04/14

How Many $35 Billion Teslas Can We Create?

By Anton Wahlman

Why can't the other automakers who sell plug-in cars spin off those divisions for a $35 billion market cap or even higher?

06:00AM 02/26/14

BMW's Tesla-Fighter vs. the Mercedes Electric: Car Fight!

By Anton Wahlman

What are the pros and cons? Here's a detailed comparison.

06:00AM 02/13/14

The Case for Tesla Making a Gasoline Car

By Anton Wahlman

It's not just electric car buyers who would like to buy directly from an auto maker, and what about the M&A implications?

06:29AM 02/11/14

Chevy Volt 2.0 vs. the Tesla Gen 3 Launch Strategy

By Anton Wahlman

Is Tesla making a big mistake by telling the competitors about its 2017 car several years in advance?

06:00AM 02/07/14

The Google Laptop That Beat Apple and Microsoft

By Anton Wahlman

The Acer Chromebook 720 is the best-selling laptop on Amazon for good reason: Review.

06:00AM 02/06/14

Tesla's Second Wind: California's Green Stickers Running Out

By Anton Wahlman

Tesla sales in California should jump as the green carpool lane stickers reach their limit next quarter.

06:30AM 01/31/14

Explaining Tesla's Model X Delay

By Anton Wahlman

The author estimates another delay for the Model X.

06:00AM 01/31/14

Why Electric Cars Are Selling in California: They're Free

By Anton Wahlman

Wahlman does the math behind how some Californians get free electric cars and free electricity to boot.

06:00AM 01/24/14

The New Mercedes C-Class: A Tesla Competitor? (Update 1)

By Anton Wahlman

The all-new 2015 Mercedes C-Class is extremely beautiful inside and out, but the plug-in hybrid variant doesn't look like it will pose a threat to Tesla.

11:26PM 01/18/14

[video] Detroit Auto Show: Sizing Up Tesla's Competition

By Anton Wahlman

General Motors and BMW will be competing with Tesla, Nissan's situation gets murkier and everyone else looks to be behind the curve.

06:30AM 01/17/14

At CES 2014, BMW Showed How It's Done

By Anton Wahlman

BMW had over 3,000 CES attendees drive the electric i3, and everyone I interviewed gave it the highest possible score.

06:00AM 01/17/14

Down With the Connected Car!

By Anton Wahlman

The connected car will come back to haunt us if a tyrannical power can access the networks that track us and disable our new computers on wheels.

06:00AM 01/10/14

BMW Suffers Big Setback Against Tesla in California

By Anton Wahlman

Disaster hits BMW as its i3 electric car with range-extender won't get California's coveted white carpool lane sticker, and the 40,000 green stickers are running out.

09:38AM 01/09/14

Tesla and the New Frontier in Electric Car Competition

By Anton Wahlman

When electric car range approaches 300 miles, the competitive frontier shifts to a speedy charging network.

06:00AM 12/27/13

Samsung's Largest Smartphones and That Watch: A Review

By Anton Wahlman

Samsung's physically largest smartphones are okay, but the 'smartwatch' is not so smart.

06:00AM 12/27/13

Tesla Jumps as Model S Gets Safest Car Approval

By Anton Wahlman

Tesla was soaring Tuesday as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reaffirmed its five-star crash-test rating for the automaker's Model S sedan.

12:06PM 12/24/13

New Details on GM's Coming War With Tesla

By Anton Wahlman

GM CEO gives Tesla a jolt, letting out secrets of its next-generation Chevy Volt.

06:00AM 12/16/13

Advice for GM's CEO Mary Barra

By Anton Wahlman

GM could lose a larger chunk of customers soon if it doesn't do more to take on Tesla.

06:00AM 12/11/13

[video] GM: Six Years Ahead of Tesla

By Anton Wahlman

For most people, the Volt's 90% ability is good enough, especially if it comes with a much lower price tag than the Tesla.

06:00AM 12/10/13

This 30-MPG Jeep Could Have Been the Tesla SUV -- Almost

By Anton Wahlman

It's not electric, but other than that it's a most satisfying diesel SUV experience.

06:00AM 12/06/13

Who Will Challenge Tesla and Who Won't

By Anton Wahlman

Looking at the competition, don't expect too many interesting models until we get closer to 2016-17.

06:00AM 12/03/13

The Amazing 45-MPG Mercedes Sedan

By Anton Wahlman

It drives like a dream and could be your Tesla alternative.

06:00AM 11/26/13

Tesla vs. BMW i3 Electric: First Comparison Test

By Anton Wahlman

With one foot on each accelerator, Anton Wahlman compares performance, headroom, leg room and luggage space for the typical driver.

09:24AM 11/22/13

Challenging Tesla: The Last Non-Electric Rolls-Royce

By Anton Wahlman

Taking the Rolls-Royce Wraith out for a spin.

06:00AM 11/14/13

Acer Review: $250 Chromebook In; Microsoft Windows Out

By Anton Wahlman

HP's $279 Chromebook is great but Acer's comes very close.

06:00AM 10/17/13

Wahlman: Boehner's Way Out

By Anton Wahlman

Boehner should start with the clean debt limit increase, save spending issue for later.

07:32AM 10/04/13

For Microsoft CEO: Marissa Mayer, not Alan Mulally

By Anton Wahlman

If Marissa Mayer didn't exist, Microsoft would have to invent her.

06:00AM 10/03/13

Google's LG Nexus 4: Exit Interview

By Anton Wahlman

Just like ABBA in 1983, the Nexus 4 is now walking off the stage from its last performance. Now, let's continue to enjoy the music.

06:00AM 10/03/13

Review: LG G2 Is Android's New Top Dog

By Anton Wahlman

The LG G2 is tops in Android smartphone hardware today, although the competition will surely catch up.

06:00AM 10/01/13

Two-Country Solution to a Government Shutdown: Opinion

By Anton Wahlman

Just divide the country in two and let Republicans and Democrats practice their own ideas freely in each half.

06:00AM 09/27/13

Android's Ease-of-Use Advantage Over iPhone

By Anton Wahlman

It all comes down to user identity and email address, and on this point Google leaves almost no source for confusion.

06:00AM 09/26/13

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