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Regional Banks Shine at End of Rough Week for Sector

By Philip van Doorn

Regional Banks bounced back on Friday, ending a rough week for the banking sector in the wake of the Federal Reserve's stress tests.

04:37PM 03/28/14

Citigroup's Business Model Is 'Not Sustainable,' Says Societe Generale

By Philip van Doorn

With its capital plans rejected twice in three years, it's time for Citi to radically simplify its operations, according to Societe Generale.

09:55AM 03/28/14

Capital One, Wells Fargo Rise While Most Big Bank Stocks Fall

By Philip van Doorn

Large-cap bank stocks were weak on the first day of trading after the Federal Reserve completed the second round of its annual stress tests.

05:01PM 03/27/14

Here's What Wall Street's Saying About the Fed's Capital Plan Reviews

By Philip van Doorn

Here are some winners and losers from the Federal Reserve's review of large banks' plans to deploy excess capital.

10:46AM 03/27/14

Citigroup and the 'Straw That Broke the Camel's Back'

By Philip van Doorn

Citigroup and analysts are quite surprised with the Fed's rejection of the bank's 2014 capital plan.

08:44AM 03/27/14

Citigroup Stock Plunges After Capital Plan Rejected by Fed

By Philip van Doorn

The second part of the Federal Reserve's annual bank stress-test processes with only 25 of 30 banks having their capital plans approved by the regulator.

05:14PM 03/26/14

CFPB Report Points to Payday Lending Clampdown

By Philip van Doorn

A new report on payday lending points to the way to greater regulation for non-bank lenders this year, but there could also be a new player in the market.

10:13AM 03/26/14

Bank Stocks End Mixed as Investors Look Ahead to Capital Plan Announcements

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks were mixed on Tuesday as investors waited for the Fed to announce on Wednesday results of its capital plan reviews for large banks.

04:27PM 03/25/14

Citi Sticks with Bank of America Despite Bad News

By Philip van Doorn

Despite cutting his buyback and EPS estimates for Bank of America, Citigroup Analyst Keith Horowitz still recommends buying the shares.

11:06AM 03/25/14

Discover Looks Even Better Following Stress Test

By Philip van Doorn

Discover shines in many ways, including a relatively low valuation, a high ROE and a significant reduction in share count from buybacks.

09:54AM 03/25/14

State Street Leads as Bank Stocks Investors Look to Wednesday

By Philip van Doorn

Investors expect the bank to announce another plan for significant buybacks following the Federal Reserve's next stress-test announcement.

04:06PM 03/24/14

Bank of America Downgraded Following Stress Tests

By Philip van Doorn

The bank was downgraded by Atlantic Equities analyst Richard Staite, in part because of its "poor performance" in last week's stress tests.

12:22PM 03/24/14

Some Banks Dilute Shareholders, Despite Buybacks

By Philip van Doorn

Despite the large amounts of share buybacks, some of the nation's biggest banks have diluted common shareholders over the past two years.

09:44AM 03/24/14

Capital One Leads Bank Stocks After Stress Tests

By Philip van Doorn

Most bank stocks end mixed after 29 of 30 banks pass the first round of the Federal Reserve's annual stress tests.

04:48PM 03/21/14

Bank of America 'Struggles' in Stress Test

By Philip van Doorn

Bank of America passed the first round of the Federal Reserve's stress tests, but without much room to spare.

10:05AM 03/21/14

Zions Fails Stress Test

By Philip van Doorn

The Fed was upbeat about the results of its expanded round of bank stress tests, but Zions Bancorporation of Salt Lake City failed the test.

04:46PM 03/20/14

Bank Stocks Soar Heading Into Stress Test Results

By Philip van Doorn

Large-cap bank stocks are strong heading into the Federal Reserve's announcement of stress test results, but the "main event" is next week.

02:35PM 03/20/14

Could Citigroup Have the Stress-Test Hiccups?

By Philip van Doorn

This year's augmented stress tests could cause Citi some pain, but the bank should still be able to return plenty of capital to investors.

10:05AM 03/20/14

Banking Sector Outperforms on 'Fed Day'

By Philip van Doorn

Most bank stocks rose as the broad market pulled back, after the FOMC tapered as expected and shed light on when sort-term interest rates might rise.

04:15PM 03/19/14

JPMorgan Scores Big With Commodities Unit Sale

By Philip van Doorn

The nation's largest bank agrees to sell its physical commodities trading business to Mercuria Energy Group for $3.5 billion in cash.

01:16PM 03/19/14

Stick With Citigroup Stock, Says B of A Merrill

By Philip van Doorn

Analysts keep cutting their earnings estimates for Citi, but B of A Merrill Lynch analyst Erica Najarian sees 35% upside for the shares.

11:06AM 03/19/14

A Harsh Downgrade for HSBC

By Philip van Doorn

Credit Suisse cuts its rating on HSBC all the way to "underperform" from "outperform."

09:56AM 03/19/14

Regional Bank Stocks Trade Higher Ahead of Fed Policy Statement

By Philip van Doorn

Investors expect steady sailing following the first two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee under the leadership of Janet Yellen.

04:12PM 03/18/14

Bad News for Big Banks Favors Bank of America, JPM

By Philip van Doorn

Earnings estimate revision trends are likely to favor Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase over Citigroup over the next year, according to Jefferies analyst Ken Usdin.

11:14AM 03/18/14

Bank Stocks Are Strong on Manufacturing Boost

By Philip van Doorn

Stocks of large U.S. banks were strong on Monday, as investors shrugged off Russia's land grab and cheered rising U.S. manufacturing.

04:12PM 03/17/14

Could These Banks Succeed Like U.S. Bancorp?

By Philip van Doorn

These large-cap U.S. banks that "could reach" into the category of 'best managed Banks,' according to the equity analyst team at RBC Capital Markets.

09:50AM 03/17/14

Bank of America Leads Sector Down, Expects Slower Loan Growth

By Philip van Doorn

Shares of Bank of America decline 2% on another weak day for the sector, as investors continued to worry about Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

04:39PM 03/14/14

Here's a 'Solid' Bank Stock to Buy Now, from KBW

By Philip van Doorn

Independent Bank of Hanover, Mass., can continue its strong EPS growth 'in nearly any environment,' according to KBW analyst Collyn Gilbert.

11:03AM 03/14/14

State Street Leads Banks Down on 'Tepid' Outlook

By Philip van Doorn

The custody bank leads the banking sector lower amid a broad market selloff.

04:48PM 03/13/14

A Chart You Should See: Progressive Disappoints

By Philip van Doorn

Analysts differ on whether disappointing February results have led to a buying opportunity, or signal weakening performance for 2014.

11:19AM 03/13/14

GE Files Registration for Credit Card IPO

By Philip van Doorn

The company files the registration for the IPO of its North American Retail Finance unit, which will eventually be completely spun-off.

09:56AM 03/13/14

Fannie Mae and Freddie Drop 39% Over Two Days

By Philip van Doorn

Investors continue to sell as they look to the coming bipartisan Senate bill to wind-down the government-sponsored mortgage giants.

04:20PM 03/12/14

Fannie and Freddie: A Chart and a Friend

By Philip van Doorn

Investors can expect another day of extreme volatility for shares of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, amid mixed signals from Washington.

10:22AM 03/12/14

Fannie and Freddie Sink as Senators Ready GSE Bill

By Philip van Doorn

Shares of Fannie and Freddie Mac see huge declines after key members of the Senate Banking Committee announce an agreement on winding the GSEs down.

04:12PM 03/11/14

Discover, Fifth Third Are Well-Positioned for Higher Payouts After Stress Tests

By Philip van Doorn

Both banks are ready for significantly higher payouts to investors, according to Janney Capital Markets analyst Sameer Gokhale.

01:30PM 03/11/14

Banks' Excess Capital Is 'Absolutely a Reality'

By Philip van Doorn

Oppenheimer analyst Chris Kotowski expects banks' excess capital to support higher payouts, improve confidence and raise stock prices.

11:31AM 03/11/14

Stop Buying U.S. Bancorp Stock, Says KBW

By Philip van Doorn

KBW cuts its rating and earnings estimates for USB on expected declines loan loss reserve releases and mortgage revenue.

09:33AM 03/11/14

Regions Financial Is Today's Bank-Stock Loser

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks on Monday fared slightly better than the broad market, which was held back by disappointing export numbers out of China.

04:22PM 03/10/14

'Bull Market Has Legs,' Says Oppenheimer

By Philip van Doorn

Five years from the March 9, 2009 bottom, Oppenheimer Chief Investment Strategist John Stoltzfus expects the market's bull run to continue.

10:26AM 03/10/14

A Chart You Should See: Fannie and Freddie

By Philip van Doorn

The battle over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will go on for years, but many investors have already made a killing.

10:04AM 03/07/14

Charts You Should See: Bull Run for Bank Stocks

By Philip van Doorn

It's been a great five-year recovery for bank stocks, but looking back 10 years we see a painful story for many long-term investors.

09:03AM 03/07/14

Bank Stocks Keep Rising, Led by KeyCorp

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks were strong again on Thursday, as unemployment claims declined.

04:37PM 03/06/14

California Banks Are Sitting Pretty, Says KBW

By Philip van Doorn

California banks in urban areas are well-positioned for 'robust' loan growth and revenue growth, according to KBW analyst Julianna Balicka.

12:21PM 03/06/14

A 'Compelling' Case for JPMorgan's Stock

By Philip van Doorn

JPMorgan's four-year outlook leaves out many factors that could significantly boost its earnings, as well as its stock price.

09:54AM 03/06/14

Bank of America Leads Sector Higher as Economic Data Disappoints

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks were strong on Wednesday, despite some disappointing economic reports.

04:09PM 03/05/14

Bank Stocks Roar as Ukraine Simmers

By Philip van Doorn

U.S. bank stocks rebound in a major way, as tensions in the Ukraine ease, at least temporarily.

04:25PM 03/04/14

Citigroup, Stress Tests and Shareholder Gravy

By Philip van Doorn

The stubbornly low valuation of Citigroup's shares 'isn't sustainable,' according to UBS analyst Derek De Vries.

10:08AM 03/04/14

Citigroup Leads Banks Lower on Ukraine Concerns

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks fared worse than the broad market on the first trading day following Russia's invasion of Crimea.

04:18PM 03/03/14

Why You Should Celebrate Bank Stress Tests

By Philip van Doorn

After the Fed's announcement of bank stress test results on March 20, banks on March 26 will announce plans to return capital to investors.

11:18AM 03/03/14

Should You Fear Higher Interest Rates?

By Philip van Doorn

Rising interest rates can be tough on markets, but there's no need to panic, according to FM Global SVP of Investments Paul LaFleche.

07:00AM 03/01/14

How Did the Fraud Against Citi's Banamex Work?

By Philip van Doorn

Brian Fox, president of, sheds light on how borrowers commit receivables fraud.

04:47PM 02/28/14

KeyCorp Leads Banks Higher

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks rounded off the week with another day of gains, while shares of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cooled off.

04:15PM 02/28/14

Citigroup Burned by Mexico Fraud

By Philip van Doorn

Citi announces an earnings restatement tied to accounting fraud by a Mexican oil services company.

10:10AM 02/28/14

Most Bank Stocks End Higher Following Yellen Testimony

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks rise after the Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen acknowledges softening economic data in testimony before the Senate Banking Committee.

04:38PM 02/27/14

Were Fannie, Freddie Negotiations Done in Good Faith?

By Philip van Doorn

The battle over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is heating up, which means this man will be very busy answering questions for the foreseeable future.

01:21PM 02/27/14

Freddie Mac Earnings Put Government in the Black

By Philip van Doorn

Freddie Mac follows Fannie Mae in announcing its total dividends paid to the government will exceed the government's bailout investment.

10:18AM 02/27/14

RBS Pummeled After Loss Report

By Philip van Doorn

Even when excluding hefty extraordinary items, Royal Bank of Scotland saw a 15% decline in operating profit during 2013.

09:25AM 02/27/14

Most Bank Stocks Rise on 'Credit Suisse Day'

By Philip van Doorn

Most bank stocks ended higher on Wednesday, while the broad market traded sideways.

04:18PM 02/26/14

U.S. Banks Earn $40.3 Billion During Fourth Quarter

By Philip van Doorn

The health of the U.S. banking industry is continuing to improve, although the hostile interest rate environment is placing a drag on operating revenue.

02:54PM 02/26/14

What Wall Street Is Saying About JPMorgan's Investor Day

By Philip van Doorn

There were no surprises at JPMorgan's Investor Day, setting the stock up for a much higher P/E multiple, according to analysts.

11:58AM 02/26/14

Swiss Banks Still Protecting Criminals

By Philip van Doorn

Can today's scheduled Congressional grilling of Credit Suisse CEO Brady Dougan lead to greater pressure on Switzerland to allow the release of list of U.S. clients suspected of tax evasion?

09:58AM 02/26/14

Bank Stocks Weaken; Fed Announces Stress Test Results Date

By Philip van Doorn

Most bank stocks showed weakness Thursday on mixed economic reports, and the Fed set two important March dates for Bank stock investors.

04:11PM 02/25/14

2014 Is Year of Cutting for JPMorgan

By Philip van Doorn

JPM has added thousands of employees to handle regulatory compliance, but expects its total headcount to decline for a third straight year.

10:17AM 02/25/14

Fannie Mae Leads U.S. Financials Higher

By Philip van Doorn

The government-sponsored enterprise leads financial names higher on a very strong Monday for the broad market.

04:14PM 02/24/14

Fannie Mae Keeps Shoveling Cash to the Government

By Philip van Doorn

The government Keeps Wallowing in GSE Dividends while private investors suffer.

12:31PM 02/24/14

'Too Big to Fail' Gets Even Bigger

By Philip van Doorn

Regulations meant to make the biggest banks less risky are also keeping the biggest banks from shrinking.

11:55AM 02/24/14

Stop Being Allergic to Saving

By Philip van Doorn

This is National Savings Week and also tax season -- an excellent time to assess whether you are saving enough to meet your financial goals.

09:20AM 02/24/14

Huntington Leads Bank Stocks Higher

By Philip van Doorn

Most bank stocks rise on Friday as investors shrug off another disappointing housing report.

04:19PM 02/21/14

Fed Says LIBOR 'Understated,' Describes Wachovia Deposit Run at 2008 Meeting

By Philip van Doorn

The transcripts of the Federal Open Market Committee's emergency meetings in 2008 make for fun and fascinating reading.

11:23AM 02/21/14

JPMorgan's EPS Could Jump to $7.50, Analysts Say

By Philip van Doorn

The bank may boost its "normalized" earnings outlook significantly at its annual investor conference on Tuesday.

09:48AM 02/21/14

New York Community Leads Bank Stocks Higher as U.S. Manufacturing Surprises to Upside

By Philip van Doorn

Most large-cap bank stocks end higher, after the Markit Flash Manufacturing PMI for the U.S. in February showed a huge increase.

04:32PM 02/20/14

Mortgage Servicers Face Washington Hammer

By Philip van Doorn

Mortgage loan servicers have had an amazing ride, but now face much more regulatory scrutiny and a possible reduction in fees.

11:59AM 02/20/14

Buying a Home? Now May Be the Best Time

By Philip van Doorn

With home buying and ownership expense rising so rapidly, it may be best to jump in and make a purchase now, before it becomes unaffordable.

09:42AM 02/20/14

Bank Stocks Buried by Weak Housing Data

By Philip van Doorn

Most large-cap bank stocks pulled back on Wednesday, following a disappointing report on January housing starts.

04:12PM 02/19/14

JPMorgan Likely to Focus on Cost Cutting Next Week

By Philip van Doorn

With a continuing capital build and lower ROE, analysts expect JPMorgan to focus on cost-cutting at its investor conference next Tuesday.

11:31AM 02/19/14

Credit Agricole Gets House in Order, Restores Dividend

By Philip van Doorn

The French bank reported a fourth-quarter net income Group share of 1.293 billion euros and also announced a plan to restore its dividend.

10:32AM 02/19/14

Capital One Makes a 'Creepy' Mistake

By Philip van Doorn

The company makes a pathetic first attempt to defuse an outcry over its new credit card agreement.

08:54AM 02/19/14

AIG Leads Financials as Investors Digest Q4 and Dividend

By Philip van Doorn

Most financial stocks traded sideways on Tuesday, with mostly negative economic reports.

04:14PM 02/18/14

Zions Primed for Rising Rates

By Philip van Doorn

The bank expects a major improvement in its ROE this year, with some analysts thinking EPS estimates must rise, which can drive the stock.

10:52AM 02/18/14

Bank Stocks Firm on 'Comcast Day'

By Philip van Doorn

Most stocks of large-cap U.S. banks rose on Thursday, when market news was dominated by the merger agreement between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

04:30PM 02/13/14

Analysts Upbeat on MetLife Stock Following Earnings

By Philip van Doorn

Investors may not be entirely thrilled with MetLife's fourth-quarter earnings, but analysts see plenty of upside for the stock over the next year.

11:22AM 02/13/14

SunTrust Leads Bank Stocks Lower

By Philip van Doorn

Shares of SunTrust of Atlanta were down more than 3% on a rather weak Wednesday for the banking sector.

04:22PM 02/12/14

Banks Loosening Mortgage Lending Standards

By Philip van Doorn

Banks are reacting to a slowdown in mortgage lending activity by lowering their underwriting standard, which could boost the housing market.

12:04PM 02/12/14

Can the Lawsuit Against DoJ Over JPM Settlement Succeed?

By Philip van Doorn

Despite making so many excellent points in its lawsuit, Better Markets has little chance to succeed in having the JPMorgan settlement tossed.

11:53AM 02/12/14

Ocwen Shares Look Ripe After Brutal Pullback

By Philip van Doorn

Following a brutal pullback this year, the mortgage servicer's shares are trading for just 6.5 times the consensus 2015 EPS estimate.

10:13AM 02/12/14

Goldman Leads Banks Higher After Yellen Testimony

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks were strong after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen indicated a continued market-friendly policy.

04:12PM 02/11/14

Barclays Stock Hammered, Bank Will Lay Off 820 Managers

By Philip van Doorn

Most of the bank's fourth-quarter profit was wiped out by fines, legal expenses and costs associated with its "Transform" program.

11:40AM 02/11/14

Zions Rises Over 2% on Flat Day for Bank Stocks

By Philip van Doorn

Most bank stocks traded sideways on Monday, although Federal Reserve data boded well for 2014 loan-growth forecasts.

04:11PM 02/10/14

Analysts Jump on American Express Growth Bandwagon

By Philip van Doorn

American Express is making a push for more merchants to accept its cards, and analysts are buying.

11:13AM 02/10/14

Barclays Data Breach Makes Target Look Tame

By Philip van Doorn

The bank has a lot on its plate heading into Tuesday's earnings report, including a report of a particularly nasty theft of customer data.

09:48AM 02/10/14

Bank Stocks Rise As U.S. Labor Force Grows

By Philip van Doorn

Most bank stocks ended higher on Friday, as investors cheered an increase in the U.S. labor participation rate.

04:22PM 02/07/14

These Northeast Banks Could Be Takeout Targets, Says Sterne Agee

By Philip van Doorn

A dozen Northeast community banks could be prime takeout targets for rivals needing more deposits to fund loan growth.

12:07PM 02/07/14

Citigroup Shares Have 35% Upside: BAC Merrill

By Philip van Doorn

Citi's stock is down 8% this year on concerns over emerging-markets exposure, setting up what could be a lucrative buying opportunity.

09:38AM 02/07/14

Bank Stocks Strong Following Thursday Unemployment Report

By Philip van Doorn

Bank stocks led the market higher on Thursday, as better-than-expected unemployment numbers set up Friday's January unemployment report.

04:23PM 02/06/14

Insurance Kickbacks Highlight Big-Bank Idiocy

By Philip van Doorn

Citigroup has agreed to make refunds to thousands of borrowers for over-charging them for force-placed insurance.

01:10PM 02/06/14

Large-Cap Banks 'Well Positioned Near-Term'

By Philip van Doorn

Stocks of the biggest U.S. banks are still trading near their highest discounts to regional banks, but that may change soon, according to Evercore Partners

11:49AM 02/06/14

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